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August 9, 2008

Republicans in the Gang of 10 should grow a couple of Snickers

As a Conservative Latino I was having a wonderful day today, great in fact, after reading the news. Democrat John Edwards after constant pressure from cable news, the Internet and talk radio finally had to admit he had cheated on his cancer stricken wife. If Edwards is his “girlfriends” daughters father and/or whether it is proven he was funneling money to them, these two topics could easily become rounds number two and three and keep the story in the news. The price of a barrel of oil is coming down and gasoline is getting a tad less expensive almost everyday. The Olympic Games opening extravaganza was spectacular as the Chinese in my humble opinion did a good job. Finally as icing on the cake, John McCain is tied or 1 point or so ahead/behind the Obamessiah in most polls and seemed in control of the energy debate. McCain was beginning to be looked upon as the elder statesman while all over the country Democrats up for re-election were asking permission from party leaders to say to voters they were in favor of drilling (after voting against drilling for many years) and the Obamesiah was looking tired and inexperienced.  Some good news for a change amid the gloom and doom.

All of the sudden, BOOM! I read a transcript on Rush Limbaugh’s website and the mentioned article on the Wall Street Journal online and my bubble was deflated, exploded, destroyed, absolutely pulverized. Five Republican Senators have formed the so called Gang of 10 with five Democrat Senators and agreed to an energy bill compromise in the name of bi-partisanship. To make maters worse, the 5 Senate Republicans ADOPT politically correct, environmentally correct, anti energy ideas the Democrats want including allowing Peta and the ACLU to have a say in the energy debate! I was left thinking, how can experienced Republican politicians be this naive? The one issue raising huge waves nationally is pain at the pump. The one issue on Americans minds that was in sync with the Conservative tune was more energy production in the USA. One of the two issues that could potentially create a rift between Democrats (a Hillary Clinton nomination at the Democratic National Convention is the other) and their left wing environmental base is more local energy production: be it building new nuclear power plants, more power from coal, or more drilling for oil. Leave it to 5 Senate Republicans to side with the enemy, the enemy they were starting to catch up to, and dim the slight glimmer of hope they might defeat them in the coming elections.

Because of the Gang of 10 pact, after months of opposing any type of compromise on oil drilling, Obama now says he is in favor of bi-partisanship in an energy bill and McCain has to go out of his way to explain he’s against the plan because it raises taxes. These 5 Senate Republicans in one single move took away the wind from House Republican sails who were having a blast shaming Democrats all over the country to re-consider expanding energy production. Now Obama can go to Hawaii on his week long vacation knowing the mainstream media will carry his water and grill the McCain Campaign on why these 5 outstanding Republicans Senators have sided with the Democrats and why other Republicans will not follow suit.

Comedian Dennis Miller on The Factor with Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) had what to me was a great segment and said that Obama should grow a pair of Snickers as the Senator seems whiny. The Snickers comment comes about because of the Homosexual Community’s protesting, according to them, a perceived anti-gay bias on a Snickers commercial made by Mr. T about speed walkers that ends with “GET SOME NUTS”. The commercial will no longer be aired because of the perceived bias and Miller said that the gay community should not be so sensitive. I might be off the mark and proven wrong in the end but Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, John Thune, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Corker and Johnny Isakson should grow a couple of Snickers, get some nuts, say they made a mistake and back out of the Gang of 10. No pun intended.


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