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August 20, 2008

Why “rockstar” Obama might lose the election

I always wondered what specifically bothered me about Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) but have never been able to put the proverbial finger on what it is. The more time I spend thinking about BHO and his candidacy the more difficult it became to nail down one specific reason I dislike the man. Could it be his party affiliation, him being a Democrat. Absolutely, as I am a conservative. Was it because of what he says, his message? Yes. Was it the smug and bombastic way he delivered said message including putting on a podium his personal brand, the Obama Presidential Seal? You bet. Was it the way the mainstream media fawns over him and bores me to death with every little tiny mundane thing he does? Sure, including watching the news while listening to anchorettes (male and female) go on and on about his beautiful physique and hairless pecs. But, where to start? Obviously with the obvious:

A. BHO is a Democrat. From Government run health care to taxes increases to weakening national security to pulling out of Iraq immediately I disagree with Democrats. I want, among many things, more oil production in the USA,  a revamping of the national electric grid, a curbing of Government sponsored eco-hysteria, less Government regulation and more personal responsibility, a less radical curriculum at public schools, more faith based programs, less abortion on demand, more conservative judges on the bench, less Affirmative Action programs, less strict gun laws, more patriotism and nationalism, and an increase in military spending. All opposed by Obama.

B. Race. Nothing to do with the fact he’s an African-American. In fact some disagree BHO is an African-American at all as they say he is mostly white (50%), Arabian (43%+) and just a tad (less than 7%) black. Other African-Americans say that to their eyes since Obama has no “slave blood” in his DNA he is not black. That’s why some say he is not black enough and why a politically ambitious BHO worked hard to get the Chicago political/street credentials to run for office. In this day and age we have innumerable examples of African Americans that have made it in life. From Big Business to Hollywood to sports to music, African Americans are no longer outcasts but are important players in their respective fields. I do resent the fact that BHO tries to play the race card every couple weeks to see if it gets traction. So far it has hurt him and Democrats in general, not McCain or Republicans. Howard Dean with his racist sound bites is also not helping race relations.

C. Religion. I do have a bone to pick with BHO for assisting for 20 years to a church that teaches Black Liberation Theology because as a Latino I have been exposed to Liberation Theology and all its consequences. Black Liberation Theology is an offshoot of Latin American Liberation Theology. To this day some people still think that it was a mistake for Spanish Dictator Franco to have given radical Catholic Priests the option of facing a firing squad or moving to Latin America. Those that chose exile instead of the bullets were the basis for Liberation Theology. The end justifies the means violence (beatings, kidnappings, killings, arson, looting, etc.), the verbal quartering of opponents, the hate filled redderick, Marxist economic ideals, all in the name of the poor and oppressed. Heard it and disagreed with it then. Disagree with it now.

But what probably sums up my feelings for BHO is Nickelback’s song Rockstar. BHO already said he was going to take out the bowling lanes in the White House and put in a basketball court. Does that mean he will also install a bathroom he can play sports in, a hot tub big enough for 12 and then let Cribs shoot a White House episode including Michelle Obama in the Lincoln Room? Obama likes the spotlight so will he hang out in the White House VIP room drinking with the latest who’s who of Hollywood, sport and music stars dressed in the newest fashion looking hip, cool, thin and oh so trendy with the words “Mr. President” embroidered with red, white and blue neon light threads on the back of his suit jacket?  Will Obama lust after easy bleach blond haired women while on drugs? Might Obama paint the White House black to please his acquaintance, rapper Ludicrous? Sounds outlandish, no? President Bill “slick Willy” Clinton, a Democrat, already used the White House to cruise for interns while using cigars as sex toys. President Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives but acquitted by the Senate.

It could be BHOs lack of judgement and the fear he will make important decisions without recognizing he lacks the judgement to make those important decisions that troubles me. Maybe I do know what really bothers me about Obama. Can he control himself? I just dont know.



  1. stopped reading here: “Absolutely, as I am a conservative.”

    No intelligence to be seen here, moving on.

    Comment by intelligence — August 20, 2008 @ 6:48 am

  2. you’re an idiot for believing the republican talking points.

    Comment by jason — August 20, 2008 @ 6:53 am

  3. yeah but all that beats mcGrampa by a mile.

    Comment by dill dough — August 20, 2008 @ 6:54 am

  4. There are so many things wrong in this post that I’m not even going to list them. The last question though, “Can he control himself?”, what is that? The man is 47, he’s married with two kids. He sounds very thoughtful and articulate. What do you think he’s going to do? Invite Snoop Dog and fill the Oval Office with the sweet, sweet smell of grade A ganja?

    You want to know whether he can control himself while the guy who’s there now starts a war in a country that has never attacked the US and that never had the capacity to do so. This is what being “in control” looks like to you? Using poisonous Depleted Uranium ammunition and dropping white phosphorus grenade on people is an example of control to you?

    I can see where a basketball court and entertaining some guests would be the acts of a wild party animal if you consider starting ruinous wars and shameful, disgraceful mismanagement of public resources a working alternative. There just is no debating that.

    Oh, and you’re latino. Do you think the ruling elite give a flying f*** about you? Really? A bonesman is going to look out for -your- best interests? Only if you’re an interest group and then to the extent that you pump money in the campaign.

    I could type all day in response to this. It would be pointless.

    Oh, and the word you’re looking for is: rhetoric.

    Comment by Tracey — August 20, 2008 @ 7:07 am

  5. “to taxes increases to weakening national security”

    stopped reading right there.

    Where have you been for the past 8years? Who do you think spent all the money, who harmed national security. Don’t look at rhetoric look facts.

    Bush spent money like no other president before him, money that will have to be paid in taxes. That’s fact. Bush is causing the death of more American people then any other president in the past 50years. That’s fact.

    Comment by David McMIllan — August 20, 2008 @ 7:38 am

  6. “Maybe I do know what really bothers me about Obama. Can he control himself, you know, his rhetoric and hubris? I just don’t know.”


    You do know that your candidate is John McCain, right?

    You don’t see any irony in someone who supports a notorious hothead for president questioning his opponent’s self control?

    Maybe you can learn a bit from the rest of the wingnut blogs and close comments altogether. It’s really the only way you guys (and girls) can pull off posts like this without looking like complete fools.

    Comment by FelixVulgaris — August 20, 2008 @ 10:25 pm

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