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August 24, 2008

The Obamessiah’s misguided, ideological love affair with China

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Give thanks to The Almighty that His Messiah, His Exaltedness Barak Hussein Obama (BHO) chose as His running mate Joseph Biden. Senator Biden has the third most liberal voting record in the Senate and is easy to attack because of his numerous off the cuff remarks and fiery dogmatic speeches made over 30+ years in public life. The Obamessiah has the honor of possessing the most liberal voting record in the Senate, so Democrats have come up with a peach, an honest to God Kool-Aid drinking, loony left ticket if there was ever one. But with his foreign affairs experience Biden might be able to dampen BHO’s enthusiasm when gushing and spewing nonsensical garble about talking points he doesn’t know much about, like China. 

The One said the following a couple of days ago:

Everybody’s watching what’s going on in Beijing right now with the Olympics. Think about the amount of money that China has spent on infrastructure. Their ports, their train systems, their airports are vastly superior to us now, which means if you are a corporation deciding where to do business you’re starting to think, Beijing looks like a pretty good option.

Unlike lib posters who live to write, I’m paraphrasing here, there are so many things wrong with this post I am not going to take the time to list them, I am going to take the time to write about why BHO is wrong about China. A good starting point is, why does Obama think the way he does? The answer to that question is really very simple, ideology. Having hung around with and been educated by left wing loons all his life BHO does not know better, even his pastor of 20 years was a left wing nut. Obama and the Democrats embrace Socialism and probably Communism because of the basic premise that everybody is the same. Except of course the rulers, the elite, the priviliged that get to crack the whip at the masses, the Limousine and Gulfstream Liberals. This is important because from what Obama has said I take it that being wealthy is bad and being successful is wrong but working hard for the social benefits of the many is good and people should not measure success with how much money they make but how their work serves others. I think that what Obama means is, he cares for the working man and he would make sure the working man worked. Yup, Obama would make a good Chinese Socialist leader, a hard taskmaster reaping the benefits off the sweat of others.

Socialist China does not see itself as a commercial superpower, that idea is a flawed creation of the left wing, Kool-Aid drinking, mainstream liberal news media wishfully dreaming about a counterweight to capitalist America. China instead sees itself as a developing country going places. Big difference in thinking backed up by the fact that the USA economy, in 4 years, grew at the pace of one entire Chinese economy. Think about that, in the last four years American workers produced enough goods and services to create one entire Chinese economy from scratch, on top of what they already produced before. That’s amazing but being constantly downplayed by Democrats and the mainstream news media because America is bad and needs to be punished. Yeah, right!

Sure, China has built impressive infrastructure for the Olympics, mostly eye candy similar to the gorgeous tuna towers one sees on sport fishing boats that sit at the dock all year, but why was it able to do so? The Government does have the money, having profited for years from selling goods and services produced by their people to the world, but instead of feeding and taking care of its people, about 50% of which are poor not poor in the American sense that they don’t have cable or a new car but poor as in hungry poor, it instead chose to build airports, roads, buildings, rail lines, etc. Chinese workers are told by the local authorities where to work, how much they will earn, where they will sleep, what they will eat, etc.; something akin to being slaves. If you don’t believe me do a quick Internet research on how long the thousands of performers for the spectacular martial arts part of the Olympic’s inauguration extravaganza were holed up together and under what conditions. Also, they were not paid a dime, not one cent, for their months of preparation nor for the performance itself. Incredible, but does The Messiah know that? I doubt He even cares.

China has few if any environmental laws not to mention very anemic enforcement so the left wing, let’s save the whales and trees econuts that stop and/or slow construction of any kind in the West get ignored or kicked out of the country. Are they worried about Global Warming? Not really, to them the Kyoto Protocol is meaningless as it would curb their growth. So don’t make me laugh, the Chinese consume oil and coal like a bleached blond gold digger consumes drugs while dating a rock star and are the worst polluters on the planet. In the USA if eminent domain laws are used to expropriate a piece of property at least the owners get market value compensation; usually after a lengthy court battle, not withstanding the Supreme Court ruling, and the Government entity seeking the expropriation gets dragged through the mud in the local news and talk radio. In contrast the Chinese Government thinks it owns all the land and if it wants a piece of property for say expanding an airport, constructing new buildings, remodeling ports or building new rail lines it just sends in the police or army and kicks out residents demolishing their homes, businesses, schools, rice paddies and places of worship. If there are protests, the use of force has been pre-authorized and residents that make the most noise are sent to re-education camps, even if they are 70+ years old. All others are re-located to a convenient location. Construction throughout China is usually sub-standard, buildings rarely are built to code as corrupt officials keep most of the money, and as the earthquakes earlier this year showed, thousands upon thousands of people die as a consequence of Government officials greed. But with a state run media propaganda machine instead of blaming officials for being corrupt, inefficient and culpable the story was about the heroic Chinese Army galloping to the rescue of the earthquake victims. Compare that coverage with what happened in News Orleans after Katrina passed by. Everybody from Mayor Ray Nagin to President Bush got walloped, hard.

As for doing business in China, it does have its advantages and disadvantages. In the short term a start up company gets huge tax breaks, access to cheap labor, has few environmental hurdles to overcome and few regulations to comply with thus the company gets to make a very nice profit from the get go. In the long run however, once the Chinese learn to produce what the Western company manufactures, taxes and labor costs start to go up and up and it might eventually get run out of the country. Then the Chinese produce the same product and sell it themselves under whatever brand name any buyer or buyers desire, at a deep discount, not having had to invest a penny in research and development and the factory is already set up and running! Also, very little manufacturing is actually done in Beijing since most is done in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Fujian and Zhejiang Provinces. Don’t forget the cities of Hong Kong and Shanghai that eclipse Beijing in economic output. Beijing is the capital city of China and the seat of Government not a place to set up a factory. Also many companies are investing in Vietnam and India instead of China because of the same advantages they were offered in China 20 to 15 years ago. Obama might want to do a little research before spewing misinformation but as he is a Democrat, we are used to not letting the facts get in The Messiahs way.


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