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September 3, 2008

Break a leg (good luck) Sarah Palin

Our girl wowed them tonight. Who knew she was a natural? Crafty Ol’ John McCain did! Every Conservative feminist and reluctant Republican who since Friday was questioning and second guessing the campaign’s pick and asked if Sarah Palin could pass muster got their answers tonight. Witty, humorous, intense, sweet, poignant, you name it her strong speech had it all including stiletto heel attacks aimed at the Mainstream Media, Barak Obama and Democrats in general….delivered by a skirt clad, high heel wearing, sexy looking conservative woman that was very comfortable in her own skin. What a performance.

Did you see the women on the floor of the convention? Several were crying. I wonder how many more women across America connected with Palin tonight and maybe even became converts to the Republican cause. I suspect hundreds of thousands of them in rural America probably did, the women on the East and West Coast are a tougher audience. Will pregnant daughter Bristol still be an issue after tonight? Probably, but in my opinion that topic is a winner for Republicans. Will the Obama campaign question and dissect her record? Yes, who would expect anything else? But after tonight I have little doubt Palin can handle anything thrown at her. Even Senator Joseph Biden.

In case some are put off by the title, “break a leg” is a term used in theater to wish those acting success and good luck before a performance. Some in theater belive wishing good luck to someone before a performance actually brings on bad luck, instead they say break a leg. So I’m wishing our girl all the success and good luck in whooping the Democrats come November. Break a leg Sarah Palin!



  1. i am sorry to say, that every part of her speech tonight that was not about her background was admitted by the mccain campaign yesterday to have been written- not by her-, but in fact written weeks before Mccain even decided on a VP pick.

    thats one of the reasons why i think these guys said what they said –
    republican strategist Mike Murphy, who once advised McCain, and republican commentator and former speech writer Peggy Noonan- who both while on the airwaves have swooned over palin, had something quite different to say during a commercial break:

    and how can she be a feminist is she supports mccain in opposing equal pay? he voted against the ledbetter fair pay act, and supported the supreme courts outrageous decision on ledbetter vs. goodyear?

    Comment by Leah — September 3, 2008 @ 11:54 pm

  2. My wife and I along with all the other supporters would like to wish John McCain and Sarah Palin the BEST of luck in this election. We both hope the two of you win and straighten this GREAT country of ours out. We have NO FAITH what so ever in the Democratics!!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Comment by Jerry B. — September 30, 2008 @ 11:45 am

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