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September 3, 2008

Last night I feasted on conservative red meat and drank liberal wine

Last night us republicans that watched the 2008 RNC Convention speeches got served a full meal and then some. For an aperitif we had short speeches by President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. The main course was served by ex-Senator Fred Thompson who gave us juicy, tasty, as good as it gets conservative red meat. To wash the meal down we delighted in savoring some rarefied liberal wine served by Senator Joe Lieberman. As dessert we got to watch befuddled looking pundits from right, left and independent persuasions discuss what had just taken place during the second night of the convention. In my biased opinion the speeches were that good.

After having the first day of the convention crashed by hurricane Gustav, republicans had their fingers crossed hoping no surprise damage would be found in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast come daylight. They got their wish but still the second day of the convention started off with some uncertainty; it better be a good night because come Friday attention would switch back to the race. The First Lady talked about her husband’s accomplishments such as faith based programs now being used in 35 states, educational achievements like better test scores, etc. I can’t really recall what else she said as I was not paying that much attention, sorry. She then introduced her husband. It was obvious that President Bush was going to get a bit of the limelight but not too much of it. With approval ratings in the high 20’s he is not a very popular man outside the party base and having him around too long could have motivated independents and conservative democrats to switch the channel. The President started off by saying damage to the Gulf Coast had been less than some predicted and thanked those helping out, from authorities to volunteers, for a job well done reminding everyone to be careful down there. He spent most of his speech praising John McCain’s character, convictions and his willingness to fight for the troop surge, making sure everyone knew that they did not see eye to eye on some issues but that McCain was the man for the job. He ended by saying Sarah Palin was a strong and principled woman adding that come November voters will choose McCain because of his judgement, experience and policies. With the short and non-confrontational speech delivered by President Bush over, it was left to Fred Thompson to shock-and-awe the base.

The ex-Senator came out swinging, quickly differentiating the republican’s optimistic point of view from the democrat’s gloom and doom. Afterwards he made a strong case in favor of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate explaining that the media does not like her and favorably compared her to record to Obama’s without mentioning his name. He then got to the main part of the speech, who was John McCain: starting off with McCain’s childhood, talking about his hell raising days in High School and the Naval Academy, his career as a Navy fighter pilot ending with one of the most emotional accounts of what John McCain had endured as a POW in Vietnam that I had ever heard. All this preamble led up to why McCain was McCain. Having suffered and not broken under the strain he came out of the war stronger, with honor, courage, humility, etc. Thompson then explained that McCain as a Senator was not a quitter, he was a reformer winning some battles and losing others but always standing up for what he believed. To wrap it up democrats were lambasted as having chosen an inexperienced candidate promising more taxes who would follow the flawed liberal mantra. Instead vote for McCain who stands for our values, a strong military, a mature foreign policy, etc. God bless John McCain and God bless America! To say that the speech delivered by Fred Thompson hit the spot is an understatement. Many of us conservatives thought that this RNC convention was going to be a boring, wimpy, let’s be more like them, bow our heads, hold our hands and sing kumbaya, wait to be assimilated affair. Au contraire people! There were fireworks last night!

What can I say about Joe Lieberman’s soaring speech? Here was a long time democrat, a Bill Clinton supporter, pleading with democrats and republicans to put party affiliation second, and country first. The speech started out by using hurricane Gustav as an example that democrats and republicans can work together but that it was sad that only times of hardship could bring them together. The American People are tired of partisanship, he continued, and want their leaders to unite and solve problems that affect them. He explained that his reason for being at the RNC was to tell everyone that they should support Senator McCain for President. McCain has reached across party lines numerous times to work on campaign finance reform, ethic laws, lobbying laws, national security reforms and to fight corruption, ofting bucking his party’s positions; McCain is his own man. Lieberman also said that while Obama is a man with plenty of potential, in these turbulent times, he was not yet ready to be President. To end his speech the Senator asked Independents, Reagan Democrats and Clinton Democrats to vote not for a party but for America, for a man that began serving his country when he was 17 years old: John McCain. Well said Senator, well said!

Democrats masquerading as independent commentators on Mainstream Media (MSM) channels were saying: democrats will not like what Fred Thompson said! As Homer Simpson would say, Duh! Some conservative pundits suggested Joe Lieberman would need a food taster starting today because he had endorsed McCain. No one mentioned President Bush or his speech. After all was said and done the MSM still managed to portray the convention as a how horrible a mother Sarah Palin really is because her conservative values did not prevent her teenage daughter Bristol from having sex and getting pregnant. I hope they keep it up because their comments are offending millions of mothers and fathers who have daughters because as parents they don’t like to be told how horrible a job they are doing by people with a different value system.


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