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September 5, 2008

A united Republican Party leaves the convention, watch out Democrats!

Who would have thought last Friday that come today, Thursday, the Republican Party would be united, fired up and looking forward to fighting and possibly beating the surprised, demoralized and panicking Democrats for the Presidency? Almost no one. This 2008 RNC Convention was expected to be boring and uninspiring; a bunch of out of touch people getting together to twirl a dead cat. Some members had even given up saying, let’s get it over with and resign ourselves to becoming Democrats. Pass the cat, it’s my turn. Weee!

Hurricane Gustav was not helping matters but thanks to the work done in the years after Katrina the New Orleans levees held and damage to the Gulf Coast was not as extensive as the Mainstream Media (MSM) had hyped it up to be. Picking Sarah Palin as John McCain’s VP choice was inspiring to some conservatives but not everyone was convinced she was an asset. But in many hearts hope was rekindled, the kind of hope a drowning man clings to when a lifesaver is thrown his way. Anyways the MSM did their best to portray Republicans in the worst light possible reminding everyone what a horrible job George Bush had done during Katrina, questioning John McCain’s credentials and painting Sarah Palin as a conservative hick that could not properly rear her children. 

Monday was a wash, hurricane Gustav saw to that. Tuesday, the first real day of the GOP convention, the fireworks began with Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman firing salvo after salvo at Democrats, leaving “all knowing” pundits wide eyed and wondering what the heck had happened that night. Had Republicans remembered they were Republicans? Had Republicans forgotten they had to be nice to Democrats? The question was, would they keep up the energy level or apologize and tone it down? That was unquestionably answered Wednesday with inspired speeches given by Mick Romney, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani setting the stage for VP pick Sarah Palin. By the time she took the stage that night, there was no question the Republican Party was on the verge of coming back together after months of splitting and breaking apart. Palin more than proved her mantle in the spotlight, closing the deal with the base. Donations began pouring into the party coffers as reluctant donors, after months of waiting for a sign, finally opened up their wallets. That night Democrats began seriously panicking and the MSM was left speechless and blabbering; it could not believe it had been harshly chastised in public not by one but by all four featured speakers. Yesterday the party united and anxiety was laid to rest.

Today purpose and inspiration was found in the speeches given by Tom Ridge and Lindsey Graham. Todd Palin provided some much applauded comic relief. Cindy McCain provided a stark difference in class, grace and content to what Michelle Obama said in her speech last week. Afterwards John McCain cleaned the Democrat’s clock by explaining how life tempered him to become the man he is, comparing himself to the man Barak Obama. He also contrasted what Republicans and what Democrats believed and stood for. He finished by listing what he and Palin were going to do for the people of the USA, not for themselves or their party, and what Democrats were offering in exchange. By the end of the night Republicans everywhere were excited and ready to help McCain get elected.

Look out Democrats, the Republican Party is back and spoiling for a fight this November!


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