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September 10, 2008

Is Sarah Palin the raptress and hip-hoptress of politics?

The East Coast-West Coast liberal establishment does not know what to make of Sarah Palin. She is unlike anything they have had to deal with in years, if ever. To their eyes she is a woman who has the audacity of challenging the status quo by dressing differently, speaking differently, moving differently, holding a different set of beliefs and whose moral compass points in a different direction than their own. An abomination, something similar to what the establishment thought about rap and hip-hop when they first came out and started gaining strength and followers. Remember all those holier than thou politicians, commentators and religious people, most all of them hypocrites, that denounced the artists because they were polluting the culture and poisoning the minds of those that heard their music? I believe Sarah Palin is thought of in the same way by Democrats and their supporters as Republicans and their supporters thought of the first successful rap and hip-hop artists many years ago. They are justly afraid of the new ideas and the reality that Palin represents and the willingness of people to hear her out.

To the Democrats horrified realization, after only one televised appearance in which she gave one speech, Palin immediately and strongly connected with a demographic composed of millions and millions of Americans that since the 1980’s Reagan era had not had a strong voice or a supporter in politics who shared their views and I don’t mean the usual crowd of the religious right, the NRA or GOP conservatives but a whole amalgam of disgruntled voters. Fearful libs realized that if they didn’t neutralize her immediately, she could become a star. So they did their best to slime her in the days before her speech at the RNC in the Twin Cities. Her second public appearance proved how right they were as Sarah rocked those present at the convention and those watching at home in Middle America.

She spoke to them in their language, like rap and hip-hop speaks to those in the ‘hood. Palin is as street as conservatives get with their base because she talks the talk after having walked the walk. She is one of them, not a fake not a poser but someone with a lot of credibility. She started out as a PTA mom who wanted to change the system, became a City Mayor, then a State Governor and now is a VP nominee. While I cannot draw a responsible, credible or logical similitude between Palin and any artist that started helping out at a street corner to make some bucks, who then began “singing” on the side and after years of hard work ended up giving concerts all over the world, being flown in private jets with so much bling and people that he needs two planes to travel; some might get the similarity I am trying to portray. As in any activity success can be ephemeral and hard to come by.

I guess saying the “make love not war” mantra or the “why can’t we just get along” phrase spoken by libs only applies to conservatives and Iraq. Because as Palin has found out there is an all out war against her and her family. A ghetto is not exclusive to the inner cities, it can become a frame of mind and applied to any area of the country. Palin does not share the appropriate area code because she comes from the Alaskan boonies, Palin does not belong to the right clubs or knows the right people, Palin has not kissed or paid respects to those who consider themselves above her on the lib side of the power ladder, and some even say she is the wrong gender with the wrong skin color for this historic election. In liberal circles Palin is painted as an outsider looking in but so far no one will unlock and open the door to her and, God forbid, her kind.

But like the backlash suffered by those that opposed rap and hip-hop, the backlash against the lib establishment has been huge and building in strength for some time. Look at magazines and newspapers that have lost thousands of subscriptions and advertising dollars, TV and cable shows that have kept the same number of viewers for months or in some cases lost viewers and websites that once were mainstream but now only preach to the quire. The folks know what they want to see and hear once they find it, not what interested parties tell them is right and politically correct.

How long will it take libs to understand that saying and writing falsehoods about Sarah Palin hurts them the most? To many on the political left Sarah walks on hoofs the size of diner plates and has a long tail ending in a spear tip, she wears a tight black leather dominatrix suit, holds a bullwhip in one hand and an assault weapon in the other, has horns on her forehead, exhales fire and steam, speaks in tongues, has a pig’s face, wears lipstick and uses her curvaceous body and good looks to make men horny. That is not the woman conservatives, many independents and dare I say it some Hillary supporters have fallen in love with.

In my opinion libs should remember the number of careers, reputations, businesses and congregations destroyed once the hypocrisy about those opposing rap and hip-hop was revealed. Once the sham was exposed, there was no stopping the music with its new reality getting out to the world. Women in particular are starting to get fed up with those gender bashing. They already saw Hillary Clinton go through the wringer and this time are not willing to give those piling up on Palin the benefit of the doubt about their intentions, not for a second time.


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  1. This woman downgraded the Women’s Movement in that interview. Charlie Gibson had to be soft and gentle with her. This has the potential to be such a backlash on women in power in the future. Equality should extend to the press. This woman is not qualified to be VP. If she cannot have an interview without days of prepping, then go figure. By the way, they should prep her on expanding her limited vocabulary.

    Comment by Eve — September 12, 2008 @ 12:20 pm

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