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September 20, 2008

Proud to be called White Trash by a liberal elite

I was watching Greta Van Susteren’s show, On The Record on Fox News last night when one of her segments made me get off the couch, go to the icebox for a cold one, open it up and then chug it down in one gulp so I could start thinking. Of course I took the rest of the twelve pack back to the couch in case I needed to think really hard, red plastic bucket at my feet. I live in Mississippi in a two room wood and cinder block shack with the outhouse in back, uncut grass in front, shrubs growing wild all over the place. The woods start behind the chicken wire fenced-in backyard and a stream full of fish, with deep pools great for dynamite fishing, runs nearby. My mom, sister and pop share the tin roofed shack and since we can’t afford cable TV, I spliced into my Yankee neighbor’s service. Since he don’t know we also hooked-up to his electric service and lest he notice we only run the airconditioner during the day, so far he doesn’t mind. He don’t minds me doing his daughter in the woods by the stream neither, but my sister and first cousin get jealous sometimes because they can see our explicit videos on the Internet at school. They can only post our photographs.

I bet that to a lot of blue state elites the above satire rings as being close to the truth. After all what do they know about red states? What they read, hear and watch on Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets is put out by other elites with whom they share education and points of view. So they think that red states are fly-over territory with nothing to see or do, full of uneducated, uncouth incestuous savages and best not thought of while travelling from one coast to the other. Elites are getting a parody / satire of what life in middle America is all about….as big a parody / satire as middle America gets reading newspapers, watching videos, movies or TV put out by the MSM elites and believing that life in west or east coast states and cities is as glamorous, exciting, hip and fun as the MSM makes it out to be. Add to the mix comments and opinions coming from other elites from other parts of the world, like those from that paragon of liberalism from way up north, the CBC also known as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and you get so much anti middle America bias that those that blindly believe that what the MSM tells them is truthful believe that all people living there are white trash. You read right, white trash as CBC columnist Heather Mallick wrote in her column dated September 5, 2008.

Her column is titled “A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention” and as a conservative I ask that if you have the time click on the link at the botton of this post read her column and laugh. It is the perfect example of both Palin and McCain Derangement Syndrome written by a lib elite. In it Heather says Republicans have the white trash (not to be confused with trailer trash) vote, Republican men are sexual inadequates, Sarah Palin is not a female but a type that also comes in male form, agrees that Palin is an Alaskan hillbilly, is very dishonest, has a toned down porn actress look, and in Mallick’s own words has “a sturdy body, clothes that are clinging yet boxy and a voice that could peel the plastic seal off your new microwave”. She belittles daughter Bristol Palin and her man Levi Johnson, husband Tod Palin and son Track Palin. She finishes her anti-Palin / McCain / Republican  hit piece by agreeing with Obama in the need to raise taxes on the rich, tying everything up with racism, and writing that Susan Eisenhower was right when during her speech at the DNC in Denver said all moderates in the GOP had already been consumed by the party. Meaning my fellow residents of middle America that any Republican left has to be a hardcore hick, a hillbilly and / or white trash.

As a proud member of the white trash class I completely disagree with her assessment although I might admit under torture, forced to read Heather Mallick’s snobbish columns nonstop would qualify, that deep fried Oreos might be a touch much.

If you want to read Mallick’s column and can handle the vitriol it can be found here:


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