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September 26, 2008

Eco-nuts might take over Republic of Ecuador

What happens when left-wing politicians and left-wing eco-nuts get together and agree on policy can be frightening. I read an article yesterday that made me cringe and ponder how out of whack the world is these days. You can find a link to that article at the end of this blog. Imagine a country that will hold a referendum for a new Constitution this coming Sunday 28th of September which has a clause that would grant similar legal rights to rivers, forests and air as we human beings enjoy. Think I am kidding? Welcome to 21st Century eco-hysteria courtesy of a South American left-wing government.

For you not versed in South American politics outside of Venezuela’s antics please bear with me a minute or two while I set this up for you. Last year Ecuadorians elected a new President, Rafael Correa, and a new Congress dominated by Correa’s socialist party, Alianza PAIS (Alliance Proud and Sovereign Fatherland), in a landslide. Mr. Correa, I believe, is as left wing as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Barack Obama. But unlike Obama who so beautifully parses his words so that no one has a clue as to what he says, Ecuadorians knew exactly whom they were electing. Locals were tired of the center-right and right-wing parties corruption and cronyism that had eroded their way of life. Since the late 1990’s three democratically elected governments have been ousted by the people of Ecuador because they could not stand them anymore.

Among the first things Alianza PAIS did when inaugurated was to finish taking over all three branches of Government, by decree if necessary, and then passing laws so that they could expropriate properties, close banks, close TV and radio stations (Fox News and other foreign channels were no longer available but it is my understanding one can get them now) that were against the government, fire people, increase taxes, etc., and convene a National Constituent Assembly to dissolve the opposition-controlled Congress and propose changes to Ecuador’s Constitution. All left-wing governments have a to-do list once they have obtained complete political power and this Correa government went down the list checking off each item.

In his defense Correa and his followers believe some of those companies defrauded the country of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax evation and banks associated with those companies “stole” from their customers hundreds of millions when they went bankrupt because of mismanagement several years back and on the most part were not held responsible. In my opinion Correa borrowed Hugo Chavez’ playbook and executed it flawlessly but unlike Chavez, Correa has said he will resign and re-install the ousted opposition-controlled Congress if the referendum is not approved.

Among the many changes to the Constitution proposed for the referendum are: the power of the President to dissolve Congress, the President can seek re-election for more terms, the President can set and control monetary policy, besides Spanish two native languages Quechua and Shuar we added as official languages, it now defines reproductive rights (seen as permitting abortions), protects transgender people, grants special protections to gays and lesbians, redistributes idle farmland, etc., and let’s not forget that it grants similar legal rights to “nature” as to human beings.

A Bill of Rights for Nature has apparently already been approved but for it to be enforceable the Constitution needs to be changed. Imagine going on a fishing trip and taking a number one in the river or lake, that might no longer be allowed and you could go to jail. How about if a poor farmhand near the jungles kills a snake that is eating his chickens? Might he go to jail and have his children taken away from him for being a bad example? If a bee lands on you, can you swat it off or would you be violating it’s rights? A more serious question, what can one eat? Will plants or animals and products made out of them be allowed as food? Can one be frog-marched to jail for eating? How about breathing air? Will that be allowed? Will anyone be allowed to have a car in Ecuador or walk over grass? Can airplanes land or fly over Ecuador? Will there be cementaries for plants and animals? How about using water to produce electricity, will hydroelectric dams be torn down? I am not being facetious. Look at what eco-nuts and politicians have done in the USA and Europe and the retarded policies they have enacted.

I can just imagine the unending lawsuits and the billions that might be made by left-wing eco-nuts suing everybody in the world because they affect what happens in Ecuador. Pass gas in Guatemala and it might affect the turtles or iguanas in the Galapagos Islands. Somebody should talk some sense to Ecuadorians and explain to them what they are getting into and how they are about to be, in my humble opinion, hoodwinked by left-wing politicians and left-wing eco-nuts. Someone send Sarah Palin to Ecuador.

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