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October 4, 2008

Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is back!

It is no secret that most liberals, the Mainstream Media (MSM), East and West Coast Elites, feminists, a large part of Canadians and Europeans, and in all probability Senator Hillary Clinton do not like Governor Sarah Palin. Ever since her being announced as Senator John McCain’s VP pick she has been incessantly beaten with a proverbial 2×4. After her first speech last August she instantly became a republican rock star, eclipsing Barack Obama himself, and turning upside down America’s stereotype of what a successful woman should be. We conservatives knew in our bones libs, dems and progressives would do everything in their power to tear her apart. We were not let down.

After her two uplifting, triumphant coming out speeches things began getting rough for our gal Sarah. The Mainstream Media brewed up a 55 gallon drum of their special voodoo-black magic potion, so strong that a whiff could kill a moose, and went to work. By the time Palin gave her first interview her star was starting to lose its brilliance. The first one to use MSM tactics on her was ABC News’ Charlie Gibson followed by CBS News’ Katie Couric. Our gal unfortunately did not live up to expectations and underperformed. Add to her non rockstar interview performances a good dose of creative editing, some well though out gotcha questions, and by the time the dust settled she was on the ropes. Her aura had been so damaged in the eyes of some conservative pundits that they were publicly asking she be dropped from the ticket. The Obama campaign and the MSM were gloating. How the worm had turned.

By the time VP debate day arrived we had been treated to a couple of weeks of hilarious skits on SNL by Tina Fey, Sarah jokes on late night shows and expectations were low that our gal would be a worthy opponent to Senator Joe Biden. As usual the talking heads of the MSM were wrong while Middle America was sure of McCain’s choice. Whatever missteps and sins she committed on the interviews were forgotten after her debate performance in front of 70 million viewers. I believe Joe Biden had no idea what hit him or what he was up against. From the economy to foreign policy to putting the moderator on notice she performed, not flawlessly, but as the Sarah Palin we saw in August. Biden had more knowledge and experience but was flanked and out maneuvered.

Her performance provided a much needed boost to McCain’s struggling campaign and has given the Obama/Biden strategists more sleepless nights. Somewhere on the campaign trail Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is grinning. Joe Biden is making sure no bodily pieces are missing. The MSM is tweaking the voodoo-black magic potion. I wonder what Tina Fey will come up with tonight.


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  1. “It is no secret that most liberals, the Mainstream Media (MSM), East and West Coast Elites, feminists, a large part of Canadians and Europeans, and in all probability Senator Hillary Clinton do not like Governor Sarah Palin.” I think if you sum up all of your stereotypes of others, you may ultimately find, by your own logic, that no one likes Sarah “parataxis” Palin. Just a thought; internet self-aggrandizement rarely coincides with intelligence. Also, interviews are objective and fair inquiries into Sarah Palin’s person. In fact, the CBS interview was the only one that even remotely came anything close to unscripted and unedited, and even then it hardly came close because of its close editing. If Palin isn’t capable of engaging the press directly in simple interviews–without Karl Goering Rove as the gatekeeper of information, or Sean Hannity setting up three-point neo-con talking points, or even John McCain there to hold her hand reassuringly–what business does she have as president? And by the way, attacking the media and intellectuals as “elites” (and not the underpaid public servants that they are) has historically always been the line of attack of totalitarian regimes. Normally I don’t care and I don’t like going anywhere near ad-reductio-totalitarian arguments, but it will become increasingly necessary in the coming weeks as McCain loses ground and stoops to even lower ground as he tries to swiftboat Obama from election. But if having lots of enemies provides your only material for writing, then please do everyone a service, do the socially responsible thing, and quit writing.

    Comment by Jesse Waite — October 4, 2008 @ 8:46 pm

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