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October 7, 2008

Video of SNL skit bashing democrats for financial meltdown

Did you watch all of Saturday Night Live last weekend? If you tuned off after the Sarah Palin / Joe Biden debate skit you missed seeing, in my opinion, some very interesting political satire. The following link takes you to an almost picture perfect satire of a skit about the role the White House, democrats in the House, their enablers, greedy speculators, and the “victims” of the meltdown play/played in the financial crisis. It has been yanked from many places because it ruffled a lot of democrat, liberal and progressive feathers but hopefully it will still be available at

The skit makes fun of a clueless President Bush, a mean to republicans Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a hard to understand when he speaks Chairman of the Financial Services Committee Barney Frank, a haughty multibillionaire George Soros, and two gleeful liberals Herbert and Marion Sandler who sold their mortgage business to Wachovia Bank for about $ 24 billion before the meltdown. The only currently hot political topic missing is a reference to the ethically wrong homosexual 1990’s relationship between then Representative Barney Frank and Herb Moses, an executive at Fannie Mae.


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