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October 13, 2008

Another democrat sex scandal

When the democrats took over the Senate and the House two years ago they were promising a new way of doing business. With the help of the Mainstream Media (MSM) they succesfully tared and feathered republicans with the “culture of corruption” moniker and in 2006 voters saw fit to toss the republicans out and hand both houses of Congress to the democrats. Unfortunately they turned out to be as guilty or guiltier of the same practices and sins as their predecessors but with the advantage that the MSM had their backs. The latest democrat politician to be involved in some sort of scandal is Representative Tim Mahoney of Florida.

Remember disgraced republican Representative Mark Foley? The one that sent sexual text messages to House of Representative pages and because of his conduct was forced to resign his seat about three years ago? Well, democrat Tim Mahoney was his replacement, who won the seat vacated by Foley campaigning on family values and morals. Mahoney, a married man, had an affair starting in 2006 with one of his staffers, Patricia Allen, whom he later fired in 2007. Allen threatened to sue so as part of the settlement she was offered a $ 50,000 a year job at the agency that handles Mahoney’s campaign advertising and a $ 121,000 payment.

The democratic leadership of the House of Representatives was probably aware of the affair as this is an election year. Will Speaker Nancy Pelosi be kicked out of the House of Representatives like republican Dennis Hastert, never to return? Will democrat Representative Rahm Emanuel, chair of the Democratic Caucus, be questioned as to what he knew when he confronted Mahoney about the affair in 2007? What about the allegations that he has been helping Mahoney keep the affair from hurting his re-election efforts? In my opinion Pelosi has spent billions more than the wasteful republicans the voters kicked out and she is ruling over a Democrat controlled House that has a couple of corrupt democrats in high places:

  • Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Charles Wrangel that “forgets” to pay taxes on his Dominican Republic vacation home.
  • Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank who claimed no knowledge of a prostitution ring operating out of his basement and who had a homosexual relation with an executive from Fannie Mae, Herb Moses.

Will the MSM try to ignore this sex scandal like they did the John Edwards affair? If I was a betting man I would say yes. Will democrats do the right thing and distance themselves from Tim Mahoney? They have a history of protecting their own so the answer is, probably not. The “culture of corruption” is doing well and flourishing under the new democratic administration.



  1. […] Will Speaker Nancy Pelosi be kicked out of the House of Representatives like republican Dennis Hastert, never to return? Will democrat Representative Rahm Emanuel, chair of the Democratic Caucus, be questioned as to what he knew when he …[Continue Reading] […]

    Pingback by Bailout » Blog Archive » Another Democrat Sex Scandal — October 14, 2008 @ 4:47 am

  2. Edwards, Spitzer, Newsome, Bubba, Villariagosa, etc. Dem sex scandals are a dime a dozen, but notice one thing: they always involve male politicians. There is a clear double standard at work. For example, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) is currently managing her own sex scandal, but she doesn’t have to worry about media attention. She seduced her married military escort on official travel, ruined his military career and destroyed his marriage. The allegations are detailed, current and credible, yet the media is ignoring it. Just google “loretta sanchez scandal” to read all about it in the blogs. Her conduct violates the House ethics rules in several ways and also required her lover to violate the military code. She should know better, as senior woman on the armed services committee.

    Comment by Red Baron — October 14, 2008 @ 6:16 am

  3. Oh, shut up. Both parties are equally guilty and who cares, when both parties are screwing us with ear marks, bipartisan power fights that have brought our economy to its knees. Eight years of one moron is going to be followed by four of a Chicago thug who has yet to win an election honestly since he’s been in politics. Alice Palmer and the rest of those politicians that he wiped off the ballot. Then with Hillary Clinton he abetted the Media to lynch her with lies and misogyny then he threw the race card at anyone who calls him on Wright, Ayers, Acorn, etc.

    The reason we have such stupid and ignorant candidates is that the electorate is too lazy to inform themselves and make demands, starting with the MSM and all the way through to our elected officials.

    How in heavens name can a craven hypocrite and liar fool so many people? When Buckley, Hitchens are turning their backs on the ideals of this country, what does that say about the lack of character amongst us. McCain has the integrity and experience to make sound decisions. He has proven that all his life. Obama is delusional and is an opportunist with the scruples of a used car salesman. He has thrown everyone under the bus including, FISA, NAFTA, economic policies and maybe the kitchen sink. Oh, please girls sniff the coffee.

    Comment by click212 — October 15, 2008 @ 6:48 pm

  4. And George W. Bush lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, starting a war getting our servicemen killed. Dick Cheneys company Hallibuurton has ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollar usuing waste and fraud in military contracts that is not recoverable. Those are the ultimate scandals!

    Comment by cold_front — November 21, 2008 @ 10:37 pm

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