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July 17, 2010

How to choke, strangle, and discredit conservative news media

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If you are a power-hungry, thin-skinned liberal politician, and there are a lot of you around these days, who does not like anyone opposing your point of view then read the following. Forget about relying on discredited members of the dated liberal news media who faint every time you breathe, members who kiss and adulate your expensively clad skinny or bodacious butt every time there is a derriere shot on cable or tv, members that most mornings take warm, soapy showers indulging in an erotic fantasy while panting to your name and looking at the portrait on your book cover.  You already got them in your corner. Forget about those already on the team, take maters into your own hand, take control of your destiny and bash them upstart conservatives utilising the best and most up to date techniques to squelch media opposition South American wanna be dictators have come up with…..

1. Start defaming and slandering conservatives by running spots on a massive scale on tv and cable during high viewership events or shows utilising government funds with the excuse of informing the public. Run spots stating: nobody believes them; and: freedom to aggress no, freedom of expression yes. After a while such opinions become engrained in the psyche of those watching tv or cable. Also try to be on tv every day, as many times a day as possible, bashing the opposition. Make the public believe you are fierce, a tiger, a lion, and that the opposition are cream puffs melting under your onslaught.

2. Judicial activism. Appoint a few or even better a lot of liberal activist judges to harass, fine and force those opposing you to change their editorial content from conservative to liberal also forcing them to constantly apologize for any perceived slander. Works like a charm specially if you inject the bigot and race card.

3. Have your cronies in Congress pass communication laws curtailing freedom of speech no mater that they are unconstitutional as the activist judges you appointed will always rule Congress is right, never mind what the Constitution says, and those nasty conservatives wrong. Even better include a page or two in said laws making a bureaucrat appointed by you the one that decides whats fair, slanderous, libelous, etc., you get complete control. Muahahahaha.

4. Force all members of the news media to join an association with the excuse that certain minimum standards need to be enforced headed by your cronies of course that can police, reprimand and even kick out of the journalism profession those that dare write, speak, etc., comments opposing your reign. After a while the only journalists left around will be those that swoon when they see a high pixel glossy photograph of you coming out of the ocean, water cascading down your bare muscled chest, wearing form hugging swimming trunks, in a magazine article telling the world how great you are.


December 17, 2008

Colin Powell throwing shoes at Rush Limbaugh

I find it funny in a warped, badly scripted, viscerally wrenching sort of way when a “supposed” Republican like Colin Powell, a known turncoat, bashes conservative icon Rush Limbaugh for believing his conservative beliefs, never mind throwing our gal Sarah Palin under the bus in the same breath for holding HER small town beliefs. Such defeatist thoughts, rooted in the victorious post election liberal mantra, appropriate for lib lips but never for a conservatives and uttered in a serious, deep and measured tone of voice by a Collin Powell leaves the mind free to wander through it’s seldom visited cobweb filled rooms while sifting among barely remembered old news stories.

After a trip along memory lane one starts to wonder how someone with Collin Powell’s lack of moral compass, lack of beliefs and, most of all, lack of loyalty ever made the rank of General never mind a four star General. I am beginning to understand that Barack Hussein Obama was not the only affirmative action “magic minority” out there. But unlike a turncoat Powell, Obama who is another member of the “magic [affirmative action] minority”, has something going for him. He was grateful, steadfast and loyal to his party and supporters. Loyal to the people that nurtured and helped him on his way.

It’s understandable that liberals, democrats, progressives  and their worshippers in the Mainstream Media (MSM) would look at Rush Limbaugh like something soft and smelly someone steps on at the park. But for a supposed black “conservative icon” like Powell to try and eviscerate Limbaugh and Palin on liberal cable news ex-powerhouse CNN by launching non-stop verbal darts [a la Egyptian shoe throwing journalist] is so gay. After all wasn’t a wishy washy Powell the one who kept everyone wondering to what political party he belonged? The MSM loved him for it. Wasn’t Powell the traitor to Republicans when a few weeks before the election the “supposed” conservative Powell endorsed Obama? The MSM and liberal loved him for the endorsement while Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other prominent conservatives roasted him on prime time saying his decision was race based. Wasn’t Powell the one that bashed our gal Sarah Palin because she did not meet his, I believe, liberal standards for a Republican female candidate? Again the MSM and libs loved and adulated him for his stance against Palin.

Is Powell at all concerned about his legacy? Probably not. He knows that he can hide behind the African-American shield, using his race for cover for those not in the know, while in my opinion possibly working behind the scenes to get himself or maybe his son some sort of position in the Obama White House and paving the way for lib written history books to remember him as the member of the “magic minority” that came to his senses after wandering off the plantation. Don’t forget that the MSM is already busy cleaning and rehabilitating his name of the Uncle Tom and house negro references / remarks made by some of it’s members while Powell worked for the Bush Administration. These days the MSM even goes as far as reminding us of what a great and historic man Powell is to his generation. In their opinion.

Collin Powell should bow his head in shame, resign the GOP as soon as possible and have the courage to say: I am a proud lib! Come out of the closet Collin Powell, who do you think you are kidding?

December 9, 2008

Polish econuts: beavers log illegally

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Some Polish econuts walking along a nature reserve in northern Poland, no this is not a Polish joke, thought they had scored an environmentalists wet dream of a coup. They found what they established were trees with their trunks partially chopped or notched ready to be felled and some 20 neatly stacked tree trunks. In other words an illegal logging site. Being brainwashed and rabid econuts they naturally assumed the worst and without doing any further investigating rolled, hopped, ran or slithered to a police station where a report was filed hoping to expose the bad guys.

Duty bound by the always present threat of a public relations black eye by a militant liberal press if they did not investigate a crime against the environment, the Subkowy police showed up where the econuts declared nature had been defaced and yes they confirmed the econuts had found something. But not being lazy or educated beyond their intelligence, followed a trail created by something or someone that had dragged a tree trunk away.  At the end of the trail many other trees and the culprits were found.

What did they find? A portable illegal saw mill? No. A truck full of illegally felled trees guarded by sweaty, musky smelling loggers cruising for econuts? No but the econuts could always dream. Perhaps a bunch of crazed and deranged stock brokers chopping down trees because they had been fired and could no longer afford to buy arrugula or fetta cheese? Not even close.

Picture a beaver dam. Beavers were to blame. Police reaction to econuts who had wasted their time: you are stupid. There is nothing more natural than a beaver. No word on what the econut response was. They probably told the police to go out and shoot some cows because the methane they fart contributes to global warming.

December 1, 2008

Rosie O’Donnell show tanked, cancelled….

Last week the cat dragged Rosie Live to the TV screens of millions of viewers. They took a quick peek, a wiff, held their noses while their eyes watered, ears folding back into the head in protest and quickly threw Rosie and her show in the garbage. Wraped in a double layered, bio degradable poop bag with safety seal. Next to all the other soft to the touch poop bags containing the stinkaroos the loony left wing nuts of NBC have been trying to feed the public but no one wants to see.

The hype around Rosie O’Donnell had been building for months, carefully cultivated by the American left. Every Mainstream Media standard bearer had been breathlessly promoting her variety show as being cutting edge, raw, politically savvy, the bane of conservative thought and the mainstay of the new NBC season. It was going to be the equivalent of the New York Times, Huffington Post and Late Night with David Letterman all rolled up into the shinning beacon of comedy, thought, analysis, opinion and celebrity worship missing on TV screens. Oprah, dare they say, should be worried. It was going to be glorious! Who were they kidding?

Truth be told Rosie O’Donnels show was cancelled because no one saw it. Sorry, let me correct myself in the name of objectivity. Don’t want to give you the wrong impression! Five million people saw Rosie Live, about the same number of people that think Barack Hussein Obama really IS the Messiah. Nah, bad comparison. 63.7 million Americans bought the Obama’s song and dance extravaganza and believed he was the Messiah, the One, the Almighty, the Black Superman to borrow a phrase from the 1975 song by Johnny Wakelin And The Kinshasa Band. Some are starting to get buyers remorse but that is a topic for another time.

Guests were many and varied, from a retired Minnelli to a gay as a three dollar bill Aiken, but for whatever reason they had something in common that night and I don’t mean being Barack Obama supporters. Most were talentless as in having lost their talent at home and not finding it before leaving the house. So bad in fact that if bad taste and a poor performance were a crime they would all be serving time working as hotel staff at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India. Among the worst offenders we find: Liza Minnelli, Harry Connick Jr., Conan O’Brien, Jane Krakowski, Alec Baldwin, Clay Aiken, and Alanis Morissette.

I guess that by her stint at The View the people know what a far-left-wing kook O’Donnell has become and no one outside the knife-wielding, loony toon left wants anything to do with her. Except Obama central, NBC, of course. Not withstanding the Mainstream Medias disengenuous pre-airing hype, Rosie Live was dead on arrival. A POS and no, I’m not talking about my newly found passion, EVE Online.

November 24, 2008

Fairness Doctrine and the wilting Mainstream Media

I wonder if Democrats across the entire dem/lib/progressive/looney tunes left ideological spectrum are in such a hurry to bring back the Fairness Doctrine for radio and their newly invented bastard brothers and sisters for cable and the Internet because they see their Mainstream Media allies going down in flames. Simply put, now that the shamelessly obvious and in your face liberal bias of most Mainstream Media (MSM) is recognized by the public for what it is they no longer trust the MSM to provide fair, balanced and trustworthy content.

To illustrate my point a couple of candidates come to mind. Can you guess the stock market price of one share of candidate number one the once trustworthy New York Times? In yonder days it was affectionately revered as the Gray Lady proudly sporting the catchy slogan “all the news that’s fit to print”. But these days, outside of left wing circles, it is derided and known as one of the best birdcage liners money can buy whose slogan should read “all the filth fit to print”. Share price: $5. Yup 5 bucks, down from a high of over $ 40. Candidate number two is the Associated Press (AP) or AP-Obama as Rush Limbaugh calls it. Recently this once unquestioned and rock solid source of global news announced it would let go 10% of its workforce come January 2009.

The MSM helped get Barack Obama elected, agressively supported gay marriage and every other lib cause they got wind of but has now lost most if not all of what little credibility it had left outside left wing circles and is more quickly than slow going out of business. Will Obama try to bail out his propaganda arm and curb the seemingly unstoppable rise of conservative talk radio and cable shows by implementing the Fairness Doctrine or one of their recently mentioned bastardlings? If they do, will Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi play fair and also implement the Fairness Doctrine for their propagandists on the over the airwaves TV channels? How about their disciples on the internet, cable shows, magazines, newspapers, college and university papers, etc.? An Obama presidency is bound to give the MSM a boost just by the fact he is a dem, one of them. But hopefully, in the long run, the boost will be towards bankrupcy.

October 19, 2008

Terrorist keynote speaker at University of Nebraska, not!

William Ayers, the Barack Obama supporter and unrepentant American terrorist, had been invited by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) to give the keynote address next November 15th during part of the college’s two day 100th anniversary celebrations. His 9:00am speech would have been titled “We Are Each Other’s Keepers: Research to Change The World”. A bit much chutzpah coming from a founder of the 1960’s American terrorist organization the Weather Underground, don’t you think? Some people got mad as hell and began asking that if UNL wanted a prominent negative figure couldn’t they have booked the likes of Ward Churchill or O. J. Simpson instead? Why not ratchet up the ante and invite Osama bin Laden or the very first radical, according to Saul Alinski, Lucifer?

This week when Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh spread the word that Ayers was coming to town the uproar began in earnest. Some politically correct faculty members, college groups and regents tried to defend the decision to invite Ayers but after a couple of days of unrelenting and mounting pressure the Ayers visit was cancelled. Safety concerns was the reason given. I suspect UNL is trying to save face but threats by current and past alumni to withhold donations, a possible backlash for the Obama campaign not to mention political pressure from Governor Dave Heineman and Senator Ben Nelson among others were the real cause of the invitation being rescinded.

Liberals are in shock that they couldn’t get away with the Ayers visit and are asking themselves what the world is coming to when an unrepentant homegrown left-wing terrorist cannot give a speech to mostly conservative reared college students. They rationalise the invitation as giving those conservative reared students the opportunity of hearing a novel and opposing point of view because that is what colleges are supposed to do, challenge young minds. I beg to differ, a 1960’s unrepentant American terrorist has no business giving speeches at American college campuses much less teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A final thought: Since UNL is a liberal paradise can you imagine the reception our gal Sarah Palin would receive if she gave a speech there? Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey would have a blast with all the material they would have to choose from for that Saturday’s show.

October 17, 2008

McCain to Letterman: I screwed up

A couple of days ago on YouTube I watched a short clip of John McCain’s appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. The show airs on CBS. To my horror I thought McCain looked inept, out of touch, on the defensive and clueless under the barrage of rapid fire questions from Letterman. That is, until my curiosity got the best of me and I searched for, found and saw the whole unedited interview a couple of days later, also on YouTube.

You can watch the edited interview, with commercials (sorry blame CBS), HERE.

You can watch the full interview, with commercials (sorry blame CBS), HERE.

What a difference, no? Remember the hit pieces disguised as interviews both Katie Couric (CBS Evening News) and Charles Gibson (ABC News) did on our gal Sarah “Barracuda” Palin? Liberals had a field day with those edited interviews, doling them out like fast acting poison pills meant to maim not kill, until they were debunked. Weeks later. Some of the damage they inflicted on Palin’s credibility still lingers to this day. 

As has become the norm the shortened interviews from members of the Mainstream Media (MSM) have morphed from meant to inform to cleverly edited vicious hit pieces. There is a lesson to learn here folks: When looking for stuff on YouTube one has to search a bit, maybe even repeating the search several times using different words, and not be swayed by the first video the search engine throws up or at best, coughs up.

John McCain roasts Barack Obama

John McCain and Barack Obama roasted each other at the 63rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner in New York City. McCain was the first up and set the bar pretty high cracking jokes and jabbing away at Obama about Joe The Plumber, his gaffe at not remembering how many houses he owns, Bill Clinton campaigning half heartedly for Obama, the Mainstream Media bias in favor of Obama, ACORN and voter fraud, etc. In the last part of his speech he praised Obama and the strides made by the USA is fighting racism. All in all a must see masterful performance by McCain. Yes, even his praise of Obama.

Watch the first part of McCain roasting Obama HERE.

Watch the second part of the McCain’s performance HERE.

There is about a minute and a half overlap between the first and second video. Enjoy!

October 16, 2008

Last night McCain nailed Jell-O to the wall

Barack Obama is a gifted speaker. He can speak for hours, as we have seen on numerous occasions, without saying nothing, committing to nothing and get thunderous applause and rave reviews about his slick rhetoric. Reminds me of Seinfeld, a very funny top of the ratings sitcom about nothing. But at last nights debate Obama pressured by McCain had to take a stand and say something and I believe that finally McCain was able to do the unthinkable: nail Jell-O to the wall. With a nail gun.

Below are some of the points and differences in positions and ideology outlined by McCain:

  • Obama will raise taxes, McCain will lower them.
  • Obama believes in increasing the size of government, McCain believes it’s size has to be reduced.
  • Obama believes in income redistribution, McCain believes the people should decide how to spend their hard earned money.
  • Obama supports abortion, McCain opposes it.
  • Obama believes more money will help educate children in the US, McCain believes accountability and transparency not more money will do the trick.
  • Obama does not support school voucher programs, McCain does.
  • Obama wants to look for offshore oil, McCain wants to drill for offshore oil.
  • Obama wants to unilaterally make changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement to please environmentalists and unions, McCain believes NAFTA is fine at it is.

Right-wing political pundits will disagree that McCain won calling the debate a tie because Obama’s feathers were not ruffled enough. Left-wing political pundits, who are registered independents (in my opinion democrats in disguise), will of course disagree with me that McCain won. They wished, wanted, were looking for, and on their toes ready to discredit any knockout punch thrown by McCain during the debate. In their eyes anything but a sweat spraying, mouthpiece dislodging, jaw breaking, canvas munching, lights out knockout of Obama a la Mike Tyson of old was unacceptable.

I beg to differ because history has shown us that if you chip, nibble, jab, grind and sandblast away at an opponent one can come out the victor, never mind the Mainstream Media waiting to prop up Obama and if needed give him CPR and drive him to the hospital. I believe McCain won the debate last night and before millions of viewers has at long last laid the ground work to begin nibbling and chipping away at Obama’s recent lead in the polls. Am I the only one that has noticed the polls beginning to tighten in the last few days? Jab away John but dont forget to drop the hammer when you see an opening.

Our gal Sarah “Barracuda” Palin does things a bit differently, for days now she has been tearing out chunks of meat outta him. No wonder Obama looks thin. But the real winner of the night was the moderator, Bob Schieffer, of CBS. Unlike the two previous debates where the moderators constantly interrupted Obama and McCain just as they were beginning to roll he actually let the candidates go at each other. Way to go Bob!

October 14, 2008

Iran to Obama: We HAVE preconditions

Barack Obama in answer to a question during the July 23, 2007 CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate replied that he would meet without preconditions with the leaders of Iran, among others. To refresh your memory about what Obama said please watch the video HERE. If you still have doubts read the transcript HERE. If you have more doubts, I cant help you but you can get Rick rolled HERE.

Fast forward to the present. Today the Iranian Vice President for Media Affairs, Mehdi Kalhor, said Iran will meet with the USA if TWO preconditions are met:

  1. Every single USA military member must leave the Middle East.
  2. All USA support for Israel must stop.

If you look at the two preconditions from Iran’s point of view they might not seem all that difficult to fulfill:

  1. Obama has said over and over again that he would pull out of Iraq as quickly as possible after being elected and that he would fight Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. After pulling out of Iraq I am not sure how long Obama would fight in Afghanistan because the left-wing of the Democratic Party wants the USA to not fight anywhere and to bring all troops home ASAP. Will Obama go against the wishes of the most vitriolic and opinionated elements in his party that believe terrorists are freedom fighters and that the USA is to blame for 9/11?
  2. Obama has said on several occasions that he supports Israel but in my opinion no one is sure what his exact position is because he has made conflicting pro-con comments about Israel. Just last week, in France, Rev. Jesse jackson said that if elected Obama would distance the US from Israel to which the Obama campaign quickly replied that  Rev. Jackson did not speak for the campaign and that he was mistaken. But other people in and near the Obama campaign have similar negative views of Israel.

Maybe Iran knows something about Obama’s plans that we don’t? Could Iran be thinking that Obama is another Jimmy Carter and that instead of a confrontation he will try appeasement? Nah that sounds like a conspiracy theory. Not possible, right?. On the other hand we have to keep in mind that when Obama was in Iraq he asked the Iraqis to postpone announcing that the war against Al-Qaida had been a success until next year, after the inauguration. In my opinion, to deny Bush the surge achieved victory and hurt Bush’s legacy.

Dear reader I pose a question, did Barack Hussein Obama just get Dixie Chicked by The Islamic Republic of Iran? You make the call. Iranian leaders are not naive or ignorant enough to meet their enemies without preconditions so why should the democratic POTUS wannabe?

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