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October 17, 2008

John McCain roasts Barack Obama

John McCain and Barack Obama roasted each other at the 63rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner in New York City. McCain was the first up and set the bar pretty high cracking jokes and jabbing away at Obama about Joe The Plumber, his gaffe at not remembering how many houses he owns, Bill Clinton campaigning half heartedly for Obama, the Mainstream Media bias in favor of Obama, ACORN and voter fraud, etc. In the last part of his speech he praised Obama and the strides made by the USA is fighting racism. All in all a must see masterful performance by McCain. Yes, even his praise of Obama.

Watch the first part of McCain roasting Obama HERE.

Watch the second part of the McCain’s performance HERE.

There is about a minute and a half overlap between the first and second video. Enjoy!


September 29, 2008

Video proof Democrats are to blame for economic meltdown

Watch the following video and get mad about all the lies, obfuscation and parsing of words democrats have engaged in the last weeks to blame republicans for the economic mess democrats themselves created. But democrats now blame only the White house, speculators and lack of government regulation because it suits their political aspirations in an election year and are scared to death the truth will come out. They are right to blame Wall Street speculators and to an extent the Bush administration for lack of oversight but since 1992 they had been warned by the GOP that the monster they created during President Jimmy Carter’s presidency, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), was getting out of hand.

Keep in mind that for democrats Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac were cash cows from where they got hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations, cushy jobs once they left their government post and indirectly received funds to keep and grow their power base. Community organizer Barack Obama would understand, after all he worked for ACORN. An organization that received a lot of money thanks to democratic policies (the CRA) that provided hundreds of millions of dollars to “housing rights groups” to give loans to minorities that were not eligible for regular bank loans.

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