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November 24, 2008

Fairness Doctrine and the wilting Mainstream Media

I wonder if Democrats across the entire dem/lib/progressive/looney tunes left ideological spectrum are in such a hurry to bring back the Fairness Doctrine for radio and their newly invented bastard brothers and sisters for cable and the Internet because they see their Mainstream Media allies going down in flames. Simply put, now that the shamelessly obvious and in your face liberal bias of most Mainstream Media (MSM) is recognized by the public for what it is they no longer trust the MSM to provide fair, balanced and trustworthy content.

To illustrate my point a couple of candidates come to mind. Can you guess the stock market price of one share of candidate number one the once trustworthy New York Times? In yonder days it was affectionately revered as the Gray Lady proudly sporting the catchy slogan “all the news that’s fit to print”. But these days, outside of left wing circles, it is derided and known as one of the best birdcage liners money can buy whose slogan should read “all the filth fit to print”. Share price: $5. Yup 5 bucks, down from a high of over $ 40. Candidate number two is the Associated Press (AP) or AP-Obama as Rush Limbaugh calls it. Recently this once unquestioned and rock solid source of global news announced it would let go 10% of its workforce come January 2009.

The MSM helped get Barack Obama elected, agressively supported gay marriage and every other lib cause they got wind of but has now lost most if not all of what little credibility it had left outside left wing circles and is more quickly than slow going out of business. Will Obama try to bail out his propaganda arm and curb the seemingly unstoppable rise of conservative talk radio and cable shows by implementing the Fairness Doctrine or one of their recently mentioned bastardlings? If they do, will Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi play fair and also implement the Fairness Doctrine for their propagandists on the over the airwaves TV channels? How about their disciples on the internet, cable shows, magazines, newspapers, college and university papers, etc.? An Obama presidency is bound to give the MSM a boost just by the fact he is a dem, one of them. But hopefully, in the long run, the boost will be towards bankrupcy.


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