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October 17, 2008

John McCain roasts Barack Obama

John McCain and Barack Obama roasted each other at the 63rd Annual Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner in New York City. McCain was the first up and set the bar pretty high cracking jokes and jabbing away at Obama about Joe The Plumber, his gaffe at not remembering how many houses he owns, Bill Clinton campaigning half heartedly for Obama, the Mainstream Media bias in favor of Obama, ACORN and voter fraud, etc. In the last part of his speech he praised Obama and the strides made by the USA is fighting racism. All in all a must see masterful performance by McCain. Yes, even his praise of Obama.

Watch the first part of McCain roasting Obama HERE.

Watch the second part of the McCain’s performance HERE.

There is about a minute and a half overlap between the first and second video. Enjoy!


October 8, 2008

Race card not working for Obama

Black politicians, journalists, businessmen and hip-hoppers around the country are starting to go berserk. Since the 1960’s to get white politicians, bankers, journalists, teachers, policemen, farmers, etc., off their backs for real or perceived grievances or to clear the playing field in whatever endeavour interested them, all African-Americans had to do was call whites one word, racists. After years of the Mainstream Media (MSM), public schools, colleges, movies, songs, advertisements, magazines, etc., having portrayed whites as being horrendous to blacks, some politically correct whites specially liberals, progressives and democrats have the concept of “white guilt” so deeply engraved into their psyche that they would do anything, and I mean anything, to avoid the R word. On the other hand for years blacks have been portrayed as hip, cool, defiant, etc., and have grown empowered to use the race card to get what they want.

Don’t get me wrong slavery of blacks by whites was bad and to us modern western dwellers of planet earth it is almost inconceivable to accept that one race enslaving the other was once an accepted norm in our own country. But even today we just have to look towards Africa to see that in some places slavery still goes on as well as in certain parts of Asia. Haiti comes to mind when looking for slavery in the Americas. Huge strides have been made in the Western world to fight racism but other parts have a ways to go to eliminate slavery never mind racism.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama into mainstream American politics. At the beginning no one knew how to handle an African-American candidate as quickly became obvious. During the Democratic primaries many prominent white democrats from ex Representative Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman ever to be nominated VP by a political party, to two term ex President Bill Clinton, called by a prominent African-American the first Black President, were demeaned and publicly called racists by their own when questioning Obama’s ability to be POTUS. Hillary Clinton was also not immune. White news anchors, commentators, talking heads, etc., were in turn called racists and bigots by black news anchors, commentators, talking heads, etc., because they questioned Barack Obama. Even writing or calling Obama by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, was considered taboo.

Unforeseen by many, the constant use of the race card began losing it’s power.

Quick forward to today. A few days ago a writer for the Associated Press wrote that Sarah Palin might have used the race card against Obama because she said Obama hung around with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. Two years ago a piece like that from AP would have been a career killer. These days, outside of the the MSM and democrat surrogates, no one really cared. Black and white democrat spokespersons that show up on radio, tv and cable bring up the race card constantly and it is either ignored or brushed aside without much fuss. Black democratic politicians like Yvette D. Clarke, Bill Perkins, Kevin Parker, Edolphus “Ed” Towns, Gregory Meeks, and Jesse Jackson Jr. have all come out saying the McCain / Palin campaign has tainted, to put it mildly, their election efforts with race. Is anyone listening to their complaints? We’ll see in a week or two when in all probablility Reverends Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pleger will be brought up by the McCain campaign.

The race card is no longer the atomic bomb it was 19 months ago. That is why many African-Americans who thought it could be used as a silver bullet to thwart any attack made against Obama by McCain are going berserk.

September 18, 2008

Paying more taxes is patriotic! So says Joe Biden.

Barack Obama’s running mate, Senator Joe Biden who has been in the Senate since 1972, said today that paying more taxes is patriotic, it’s the right thing to do. Leave it to an out of touch Democratic Senator from a Blue State with high taxes to come up with this quasi communist idea more suited for the 1970’s Jimmy Carter era. Unfortunately for Biden since 5 or 6 years ago the Mainstream Media (MSM) was no longer able to control that only liberal biased news, thought and political opinion was disseminated by TV, cable, talk radio, newspapers, the Internet, etc. So today instead of Biden being painted by the MSM as a wise sage in touch with the country’s needs, he has been made into the political laughing stock of the day.

I am beginning to believe Rush Limbaugh is right on the money and that Obama’s running mate is a walking, talking, unstoppable gaff machine. In fact every time Biden makes a public appearance the Obama campaign should put a microphone in front of him, tape the event, charge a dollar to those that want to view the show live and sell the DVD over the Internet at $ 5 a pop plus $ 3 shipping and handling. Don’t forget to put the Obama logo on the cover. A few days ago Joe wanted a wheelchair-bound man to stand up before a crowd. I thought only the Messiah was able to do that type of miracles and so far Obama has claimed that the seas will stop rising but never said he can make the impaired walk. Imagine what Joe will say tomorrow.

The “pay more taxes is patriotic” comment and it’s justification was made by Biden today in an interview on Good Morning America. But it is not the first time Joe has made a similar comment. The question, in my opinion is, why raise taxes? I believe the answer to the economic dilema is very simple, the House and the Senate should immediately close the purse strings they control and stop thinking about new ways to take our hard earned money while the Federal Government has to learn to live within its means and start spending less of our money.

After listening to Biden’s comments a couple of questions come to mind about what he said. On one hand is Joe Biden trying to imply that America’s middle class is unpatriotic because it doesn’t pay much in taxes? I know he says he will take from the rich and give to the middle class but Barack Obama has voted favorably on bills that tax those with incomes as low as $ 42,000. Lack of consistency there. On the other hand is Biden saying that the top 1% of Americans that pay almost 50% of all taxes are unpatriotic? Joe says that raising the tax rates of the rich to the level they were during President Clinton’s period is about right but he forgets that since Clinton left office both local and state taxes have gone up. So his assertion that even if Federal taxes were raised they would be less than what they were during President Reagan’s term is not true. Another inconsistency. But here’s the kicker: this “patriotic” and “the right thing to do” BS comes from a Senator representing Delaware  that over the last few years has made over $ 2.5 million and donated less than $ 20,000 to charity. I guess it’s do what I say not what I do, right Joe?

Presently Barack Obama is the most liberal Senator in the USA Senate bar none. I now am beginning to understand why he chose Senator Biden to be his running mate: they both believe in higher taxes no matter what. The headlines scream: the country is in economic meltdown! Instead of saying how they are going to fix the problem their solution is: raise taxes. Both Obama and Biden will use any rhetoric to further their quasi communist cause including taking your money away from you, giving that money to the Federal Government so that it can give it away to whomever it wishes. All in the name of helping the poor. Both should move to Venezuela, Bolivia or Cuba because they would feel right at home among others that believe in Liberation Theology.

I have to give Senator Biden some credit though, at least he did not bash Sarah Palin while making his comments. Who knows, Sarah Barracuda might even be merciful with Ol’ Joe during the debate…until she gets fed up with the BS and decides to clean his clock.

August 20, 2008

Why “rockstar” Obama might lose the election

I always wondered what specifically bothered me about Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) but have never been able to put the proverbial finger on what it is. The more time I spend thinking about BHO and his candidacy the more difficult it became to nail down one specific reason I dislike the man. Could it be his party affiliation, him being a Democrat. Absolutely, as I am a conservative. Was it because of what he says, his message? Yes. Was it the smug and bombastic way he delivered said message including putting on a podium his personal brand, the Obama Presidential Seal? You bet. Was it the way the mainstream media fawns over him and bores me to death with every little tiny mundane thing he does? Sure, including watching the news while listening to anchorettes (male and female) go on and on about his beautiful physique and hairless pecs. But, where to start? Obviously with the obvious:

A. BHO is a Democrat. From Government run health care to taxes increases to weakening national security to pulling out of Iraq immediately I disagree with Democrats. I want, among many things, more oil production in the USA,  a revamping of the national electric grid, a curbing of Government sponsored eco-hysteria, less Government regulation and more personal responsibility, a less radical curriculum at public schools, more faith based programs, less abortion on demand, more conservative judges on the bench, less Affirmative Action programs, less strict gun laws, more patriotism and nationalism, and an increase in military spending. All opposed by Obama.

B. Race. Nothing to do with the fact he’s an African-American. In fact some disagree BHO is an African-American at all as they say he is mostly white (50%), Arabian (43%+) and just a tad (less than 7%) black. Other African-Americans say that to their eyes since Obama has no “slave blood” in his DNA he is not black. That’s why some say he is not black enough and why a politically ambitious BHO worked hard to get the Chicago political/street credentials to run for office. In this day and age we have innumerable examples of African Americans that have made it in life. From Big Business to Hollywood to sports to music, African Americans are no longer outcasts but are important players in their respective fields. I do resent the fact that BHO tries to play the race card every couple weeks to see if it gets traction. So far it has hurt him and Democrats in general, not McCain or Republicans. Howard Dean with his racist sound bites is also not helping race relations.

C. Religion. I do have a bone to pick with BHO for assisting for 20 years to a church that teaches Black Liberation Theology because as a Latino I have been exposed to Liberation Theology and all its consequences. Black Liberation Theology is an offshoot of Latin American Liberation Theology. To this day some people still think that it was a mistake for Spanish Dictator Franco to have given radical Catholic Priests the option of facing a firing squad or moving to Latin America. Those that chose exile instead of the bullets were the basis for Liberation Theology. The end justifies the means violence (beatings, kidnappings, killings, arson, looting, etc.), the verbal quartering of opponents, the hate filled redderick, Marxist economic ideals, all in the name of the poor and oppressed. Heard it and disagreed with it then. Disagree with it now.

But what probably sums up my feelings for BHO is Nickelback’s song Rockstar. BHO already said he was going to take out the bowling lanes in the White House and put in a basketball court. Does that mean he will also install a bathroom he can play sports in, a hot tub big enough for 12 and then let Cribs shoot a White House episode including Michelle Obama in the Lincoln Room? Obama likes the spotlight so will he hang out in the White House VIP room drinking with the latest who’s who of Hollywood, sport and music stars dressed in the newest fashion looking hip, cool, thin and oh so trendy with the words “Mr. President” embroidered with red, white and blue neon light threads on the back of his suit jacket?  Will Obama lust after easy bleach blond haired women while on drugs? Might Obama paint the White House black to please his acquaintance, rapper Ludicrous? Sounds outlandish, no? President Bill “slick Willy” Clinton, a Democrat, already used the White House to cruise for interns while using cigars as sex toys. President Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives but acquitted by the Senate.

It could be BHOs lack of judgement and the fear he will make important decisions without recognizing he lacks the judgement to make those important decisions that troubles me. Maybe I do know what really bothers me about Obama. Can he control himself? I just dont know.

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