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December 17, 2008

Colin Powell throwing shoes at Rush Limbaugh

I find it funny in a warped, badly scripted, viscerally wrenching sort of way when a “supposed” Republican like Colin Powell, a known turncoat, bashes conservative icon Rush Limbaugh for believing his conservative beliefs, never mind throwing our gal Sarah Palin under the bus in the same breath for holding HER small town beliefs. Such defeatist thoughts, rooted in the victorious post election liberal mantra, appropriate for lib lips but never for a conservatives and uttered in a serious, deep and measured tone of voice by a Collin Powell leaves the mind free to wander through it’s seldom visited cobweb filled rooms while sifting among barely remembered old news stories.

After a trip along memory lane one starts to wonder how someone with Collin Powell’s lack of moral compass, lack of beliefs and, most of all, lack of loyalty ever made the rank of General never mind a four star General. I am beginning to understand that Barack Hussein Obama was not the only affirmative action “magic minority” out there. But unlike a turncoat Powell, Obama who is another member of the “magic [affirmative action] minority”, has something going for him. He was grateful, steadfast and loyal to his party and supporters. Loyal to the people that nurtured and helped him on his way.

It’s understandable that liberals, democrats, progressives  and their worshippers in the Mainstream Media (MSM) would look at Rush Limbaugh like something soft and smelly someone steps on at the park. But for a supposed black “conservative icon” like Powell to try and eviscerate Limbaugh and Palin on liberal cable news ex-powerhouse CNN by launching non-stop verbal darts [a la Egyptian shoe throwing journalist] is so gay. After all wasn’t a wishy washy Powell the one who kept everyone wondering to what political party he belonged? The MSM loved him for it. Wasn’t Powell the traitor to Republicans when a few weeks before the election the “supposed” conservative Powell endorsed Obama? The MSM and liberal loved him for the endorsement while Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other prominent conservatives roasted him on prime time saying his decision was race based. Wasn’t Powell the one that bashed our gal Sarah Palin because she did not meet his, I believe, liberal standards for a Republican female candidate? Again the MSM and libs loved and adulated him for his stance against Palin.

Is Powell at all concerned about his legacy? Probably not. He knows that he can hide behind the African-American shield, using his race for cover for those not in the know, while in my opinion possibly working behind the scenes to get himself or maybe his son some sort of position in the Obama White House and paving the way for lib written history books to remember him as the member of the “magic minority” that came to his senses after wandering off the plantation. Don’t forget that the MSM is already busy cleaning and rehabilitating his name of the Uncle Tom and house negro references / remarks made by some of it’s members while Powell worked for the Bush Administration. These days the MSM even goes as far as reminding us of what a great and historic man Powell is to his generation. In their opinion.

Collin Powell should bow his head in shame, resign the GOP as soon as possible and have the courage to say: I am a proud lib! Come out of the closet Collin Powell, who do you think you are kidding?


October 14, 2008

Iran to Obama: We HAVE preconditions

Barack Obama in answer to a question during the July 23, 2007 CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate replied that he would meet without preconditions with the leaders of Iran, among others. To refresh your memory about what Obama said please watch the video HERE. If you still have doubts read the transcript HERE. If you have more doubts, I cant help you but you can get Rick rolled HERE.

Fast forward to the present. Today the Iranian Vice President for Media Affairs, Mehdi Kalhor, said Iran will meet with the USA if TWO preconditions are met:

  1. Every single USA military member must leave the Middle East.
  2. All USA support for Israel must stop.

If you look at the two preconditions from Iran’s point of view they might not seem all that difficult to fulfill:

  1. Obama has said over and over again that he would pull out of Iraq as quickly as possible after being elected and that he would fight Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. After pulling out of Iraq I am not sure how long Obama would fight in Afghanistan because the left-wing of the Democratic Party wants the USA to not fight anywhere and to bring all troops home ASAP. Will Obama go against the wishes of the most vitriolic and opinionated elements in his party that believe terrorists are freedom fighters and that the USA is to blame for 9/11?
  2. Obama has said on several occasions that he supports Israel but in my opinion no one is sure what his exact position is because he has made conflicting pro-con comments about Israel. Just last week, in France, Rev. Jesse jackson said that if elected Obama would distance the US from Israel to which the Obama campaign quickly replied that  Rev. Jackson did not speak for the campaign and that he was mistaken. But other people in and near the Obama campaign have similar negative views of Israel.

Maybe Iran knows something about Obama’s plans that we don’t? Could Iran be thinking that Obama is another Jimmy Carter and that instead of a confrontation he will try appeasement? Nah that sounds like a conspiracy theory. Not possible, right?. On the other hand we have to keep in mind that when Obama was in Iraq he asked the Iraqis to postpone announcing that the war against Al-Qaida had been a success until next year, after the inauguration. In my opinion, to deny Bush the surge achieved victory and hurt Bush’s legacy.

Dear reader I pose a question, did Barack Hussein Obama just get Dixie Chicked by The Islamic Republic of Iran? You make the call. Iranian leaders are not naive or ignorant enough to meet their enemies without preconditions so why should the democratic POTUS wannabe?

October 8, 2008

Sarah Palin: Obama hung with a Terrorist. CNN agrees!

Our gal Sarah is at it again. Last weekend Sarah Barracuda fresh from snacking on a befuddled Joe Biden at the 2008 VP debate, this time began tearing into Barack Obama and his ties with non repentant 1960’s terrorist William Ayers. Barack Hussein Obama is obviously very sensitive about the issue because with the war on terror going he does not want to be portrayed as knowing terrorists that bombed something, anything, in the continental USA. Much less “paling around” with one [or two], as our gal put it.

Before you stop reading and start sighing and rolling your eyes at reading that CNN actually did some fair investigative reporting on Obama’s ties to William Ayers, watch the following CNN video that aired on Anderson Cooper 360:

I would expect a segment like that to run on Fox News but never on CNN. Rush Limbaugh has a great joke posted on his website regarding Obama and his terrorist ties. The joke says: What do Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden have in common? They both have friends that bombed the Pentagon.

To see what our gal Sarah Barracuda Palin said about Barack Obama watch the following Associated Press video:

During her interview Katie Couric wanted to know what Sarah Palin reads, now she knows: The New York Times.

September 27, 2008

Democrat boss Barack “Dapper” Obama crashes and burns

There was a 4:00pm meeting at the White House last Friday to discuss the $ 700 billion bailout of the US financial system or as Mainstreet calls it a bailout of Wall Street. President George Bush invited Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barnett “Barney” Frank, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Chris Dodd, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Jr., John McCain, Barack Obama, etc, etc, etc. In other words a veritable Who’s Who of top US politicians from both political parties showed up to discuss and maybe come to a quick agreement on how to fix the financial mess.

From the very start there were problems with the bailout for different political reasons. On one hand Senate and House Democrats wanted a business as usual bill with provisions that a percentage of the money be put aside in a slush fund of their creation for their pet organizations like ACORN and La Raza. Instead of using all of the money made on the bailout, if any, to pay off national debt, Democrats wanted 20% to be given to organizations like those mentioned before. Never mind that the last “mini bailout” bill approved by Congress and signed into law last Wednesday by President Bush put into the slush fund close to $ 100 million to keep on giving out risky loans to minorities that would not qualify for a regular loan and have a high probability of defaulting. With the public blaming Republicans for the problems with the economy Obama was slowly pulling ahead in the polls.

On the other hand the Republican White House was in a real hurry to pass a blank check bill to stop the economic panic in Wall Street by injecting a huge amountof money to the financial system thus shoring it up and proving to voters they finally had things under control. Never mind that House Republicans were getting inundated by angry calls and emails from constituents voicing their strong opposition to any bailout of greedy Wall Street fat cats and to any money going to La Raza or ACORN. To make matters worse John McCain was slowly dropping in polls as voters blamed President Bush’s administration for the economic mess.

By Thursday an agreement was reached between Congressional Democrats, the White House and some Senate Republicans on a bailout bill. House Republicans refused to have anything to do with the agreement. Seeing the impasse Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called on John McCain to go to Washington and get House Republicans to the table. McCain said he was needed in the Senate, stopped his campaign cold and left for Washington. This was seen as a gimmick by the Democrat friendly Mainstream Media. Before McCain even got to Washington, Democrats worried that it would bolster McCain in the polls if his presence helped craft a bill, immediately said his presence was not sought, needed nor wanted and that a bill had already been agreed to. False but that is why politics is politics. Of course the Mainstream News Media hurried to spin the truth and tell the whole world only the Democrats point of view.

The question arises, Democrats hold majorities in both the House and Senate and have the votes to pass any bill they want so why do they want Republican House support? Because if the bill does not work, if it is full of shameless pork, if it is lousy and full money for special interests, if it is a Christmas Tree full of earmarks, etc., they can share the blame with Republicans and no one gets a political advantage. Come election day the bill would be a non issue and could not be used by Republicans to bash them over the head and win votes. Democrats need Republican cover to give money to ACORN, La Raza, gay and lesbian groups, teacher unions, fund environmental groups, fund alternative energy concerns, etc. This time House Republicans after having agreed to the other “mini bailouts” in the last few months held firm so a meeting was called by President Bush between all parties.

Enter Democrat boss Barack “Dapper” Obama. When the meeting or negotiating session at the White House got under way President Bush turned the floor over to Congressional Democrats and they in turn gave the floor to Obama. This was the moment Obama had been waiting for to upstage John McCain in front of his peers, to act presidential in a White House setting, to put to rest once and for all any doubt that he lacks executive of experience, to be the saviour of the US economy. What did Harvard educated Senator Barack Obama do? Cause the meeting to blow up in his face. A minute or two after Obama started to speak most everyone sitting at the table was raising their voice and well on their way to shouting at each other.

The first words out of his mouth were something akin to saying the House Republican counter proposal bill was flawed, criticized Republicans, criticized their proposal and to finish his task of mending bridges asked Treasury Secretary Paulson what were his thoughts on the counter proposal. Paulson, a Democrat, whose old buddies at a Wall Street trading house had sent Obama the House Republican proposal, agreed with Obama. The meeting blew up as tempers flared with House Republicans realising they had been set up and ambushed not only by Democrats and Obama but by President Bush’s own Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson Jr. Way to go Barack!

Afterwards all President Bush could do was try to calm everyone down so the meeting could continue. By the time John McCain got the floor all he could do was say that those present should put aside their differences and work together. What else could he do after Obama’s impressive Academy Award winning lack of tact and diplomacy? Of course as soon as the negotiating session was over the Mainstream News Media ran with the Democrat’s talking points saying that McCain did not speak much, was ineffective and that Republicans were on the wrong side of the issues. Not for nothing did the Obama campaign send an email alert asking his supporters to watch the Presidential Debate on CNN. In my opinion to help raise their viewership and Nielsen ratings for the debate. Quid pro quo by reaming McCain a new one in the post debate commentary, right CNN?

What could have been a kumbaya moment, a coming together in time of crisis, a good faith bipartisan negotiation in favor of the American people was wasted, scuttled really, because of Obama’s lack of executive experience, judgement and common sense. Chicago thug politics and tactics do not work at high level White House meetings among equals. I guess Barack Hussein Obama never heard of smooth talking Dapper Dan also known as the Smiling Peacemaker.

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