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October 7, 2008

Video of SNL skit bashing democrats for financial meltdown

Did you watch all of Saturday Night Live last weekend? If you tuned off after the Sarah Palin / Joe Biden debate skit you missed seeing, in my opinion, some very interesting political satire. The following link takes you to an almost picture perfect satire of a skit about the role the White House, democrats in the House, their enablers, greedy speculators, and the “victims” of the meltdown play/played in the financial crisis. It has been yanked from many places because it ruffled a lot of democrat, liberal and progressive feathers but hopefully it will still be available at

The skit makes fun of a clueless President Bush, a mean to republicans Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a hard to understand when he speaks Chairman of the Financial Services Committee Barney Frank, a haughty multibillionaire George Soros, and two gleeful liberals Herbert and Marion Sandler who sold their mortgage business to Wachovia Bank for about $ 24 billion before the meltdown. The only currently hot political topic missing is a reference to the ethically wrong homosexual 1990’s relationship between then Representative Barney Frank and Herb Moses, an executive at Fannie Mae.


October 4, 2008

Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is back!

It is no secret that most liberals, the Mainstream Media (MSM), East and West Coast Elites, feminists, a large part of Canadians and Europeans, and in all probability Senator Hillary Clinton do not like Governor Sarah Palin. Ever since her being announced as Senator John McCain’s VP pick she has been incessantly beaten with a proverbial 2×4. After her first speech last August she instantly became a republican rock star, eclipsing Barack Obama himself, and turning upside down America’s stereotype of what a successful woman should be. We conservatives knew in our bones libs, dems and progressives would do everything in their power to tear her apart. We were not let down.

After her two uplifting, triumphant coming out speeches things began getting rough for our gal Sarah. The Mainstream Media brewed up a 55 gallon drum of their special voodoo-black magic potion, so strong that a whiff could kill a moose, and went to work. By the time Palin gave her first interview her star was starting to lose its brilliance. The first one to use MSM tactics on her was ABC News’ Charlie Gibson followed by CBS News’ Katie Couric. Our gal unfortunately did not live up to expectations and underperformed. Add to her non rockstar interview performances a good dose of creative editing, some well though out gotcha questions, and by the time the dust settled she was on the ropes. Her aura had been so damaged in the eyes of some conservative pundits that they were publicly asking she be dropped from the ticket. The Obama campaign and the MSM were gloating. How the worm had turned.

By the time VP debate day arrived we had been treated to a couple of weeks of hilarious skits on SNL by Tina Fey, Sarah jokes on late night shows and expectations were low that our gal would be a worthy opponent to Senator Joe Biden. As usual the talking heads of the MSM were wrong while Middle America was sure of McCain’s choice. Whatever missteps and sins she committed on the interviews were forgotten after her debate performance in front of 70 million viewers. I believe Joe Biden had no idea what hit him or what he was up against. From the economy to foreign policy to putting the moderator on notice she performed, not flawlessly, but as the Sarah Palin we saw in August. Biden had more knowledge and experience but was flanked and out maneuvered.

Her performance provided a much needed boost to McCain’s struggling campaign and has given the Obama/Biden strategists more sleepless nights. Somewhere on the campaign trail Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is grinning. Joe Biden is making sure no bodily pieces are missing. The MSM is tweaking the voodoo-black magic potion. I wonder what Tina Fey will come up with tonight.

October 1, 2008

Democrats can’t stop from getting blamed for financial crisis

Tonight the Senate passed 74 – 25 an $ 850 billion bailout bill, $ 700 billion for the bailout of Wall Street fat cats and $ 150 billion in tax extensions. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope the House does not pass this bill and there is a good chance they will not because all members of the House are up for re-election compared to a third of the Senate. Wanna bet that most of the Senators that voted against the bill are up for re-election? The question is, why was a bailout bill needed? What the heck got us so far up the creek without the proverbial paddle? The answer is very simple, democrats and their liberal social engineering programs are to blame.

Since last Wednesday democrats in Congress have been successfully blaming republicans in Congress and President Bush’s administration for the economic mess the country is in. Of course the Mainstream Media (MSM) siding with democrats has a lot do do with their success as the MSM has parroted verbatim their talking points, adding flourishes where necessary. What else is new.

Watch what Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said blaming republicans and President Bush’s administration before the failed House vote on the bailout a few days ago:

This is the press conference given by republicans after the failed House vote:

To be fair President Bush does have some responsibility because he is the guy in charge and the buck stops with him but since 2001 he had tried to stop the then looming disaster. Republicans in both the House and Senate also share some of the blame because they did not raise the issue as often and loud as they should have but were blocked from doing anything about it in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and in 2008 by democrats. But let’s remember that it is democrats that share almost all of the blame because they gave birth to the whole mess by forcing banks, starting in 1977, to give loans to people not qualified to receive loans by passing the Community Reinvestment Act. Those sub-prime loans were given mostly to minorities in poor areas. Then democrats stopped cold anyone from changing the system they had set up once Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac became involved. Here is a link to a post I wrote yesterday about the connection.

Below is a video about a “housing rights organization” named ACORN that provides housing to poor minorities. ACORN has received millions upon millions of dollars from the government thanks to democrat largesse and the video will give you an idea about why democrats give these groups so much money:

An interesting discussion about ACORN on the Hannity & Colmes show on Fox News some days ago:

How did democrats get away with it? By threatening anyone that started or wanted to complain or raise their voice that they would be called racists. Who would dare deny loans or mortages to minorities? Only racists and bigots still living in the Jim Crow era would be so cruel. Simple, no?

Now the truth about the origins of the financial crisis is beginning to come out on cable news, radio talk and the Internet. No matter what democrats and the MSM do to try to stop its dissemination, little by little, day by day it worms its way into mainstream American thought.

September 29, 2008

Video proof Democrats are to blame for economic meltdown

Watch the following video and get mad about all the lies, obfuscation and parsing of words democrats have engaged in the last weeks to blame republicans for the economic mess democrats themselves created. But democrats now blame only the White house, speculators and lack of government regulation because it suits their political aspirations in an election year and are scared to death the truth will come out. They are right to blame Wall Street speculators and to an extent the Bush administration for lack of oversight but since 1992 they had been warned by the GOP that the monster they created during President Jimmy Carter’s presidency, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), was getting out of hand.

Keep in mind that for democrats Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac were cash cows from where they got hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations, cushy jobs once they left their government post and indirectly received funds to keep and grow their power base. Community organizer Barack Obama would understand, after all he worked for ACORN. An organization that received a lot of money thanks to democratic policies (the CRA) that provided hundreds of millions of dollars to “housing rights groups” to give loans to minorities that were not eligible for regular bank loans.

September 24, 2008

The peanut farmer, slick willy and the meltdown of the economy

Do you have the feeling Federal Government officials are running around in circles trying to figure out what to do with the economic meltdown while in turn covering their butts? You are not the only one. Millions of people around the world are wondering what went wrong as the value of their stock portfolio diminishes by the day. The answer, in my uninformed, self researched and conservative biased opinion, seems ludicrously simple: by Government mandate banks gave loans to people that should have never gotten loans and then failed to regulate and supervise what banks did with those loans. This in an of itself sounds too simple to have melted the economy right? Wrong. If only a few people had gotten loans they should never have gotten, the meltdown would have never occurred. Unfortunately a Government social experiment initiated the whole mess and in time, coupled with private sector speculators, made it worse.

Create the groundwork for the sub-prime market. It all got started In the late 1970’s with President Jimmy “peanut farmer” Carter, a Democrat, who came up with the Community Reinvestment Act. The CRA forced banks to give loans to people that were not credit worthy, based on race. People that would have never qualified under the old risk based banking system started receiving loans.

Jump in time to the 1990’s. Enter President Bill “slick willy” Clinton, another Democrat. During his tenure the CRA was put into high gear. In 1992, with warnings and resistance from the GOP, Congress gave it big fangs and huge claws. Banks that did not lend to unqualified minorities were going to be publicly labeled as racists, were not going to be allowed to merge with other companies or increase their lending portfolio or expand their number of branches. To top it off federal bank regulators would be checking up on banks to make sure they were giving out those questionable loans in the name of ending discrimination.

Enter Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Congress also allowed both institutions to buy the Government mandated bad loans banks were making, bundle up those loans in “packages” consisting of some bad loans and some good loans, and then sell the “packages” in the open market meaning Wall Street. In other words Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were allowed to finance banks by laundering the bad loans they were giving out. That was the start of the so called sub-prime market, meaning below par, not Kosher, a little smelly. In 1994 the sub-prime market traded $ 34 billion. By 2008 when speculators had jumped in, it had grown to a $ 1 trillion marketplace.

In 1994 Wall Street traders picked up the sub-prime ball and ran with it. The packaged loans were now perceived to be backed by government sponsored mortgages from Fannie and Freddie. In reality there was no guarantee but as we have seen in the last few weeks the government did end up guaranteeing the mortages by bailing out both entities so as to prevent chaos in the financial markets. With the rule changes traders made out like bandits because besides there being almost no risk and making money by selling the loans they started making even more money betting on which loans would be defaulted. Greed took over as almost all business sense was thrown out the door and making money became the creed. Corporate as well as government policies are both to blame for the mess we are in right now.

Fannie, Freddie and others grew and grew and grew some more by selling an ever increasing number of mortgage-backed packaged loans as banks, by law, kept making more and more bad loans. Both entities were not always well managed and with behemoths of their size mistakes made tend to shake economies. For example some experts say that by early this year they had in cash and assets only $ 1 for every $ 30 they had loaned. In Wall Street speak they were over leveraged, in household speak they were drowning in debt and kept on lending money. Warning signs and alerts had begun surfacing as early as 1992 but by 2000 it had turned political.

Political, how? Both entities began investing in community development. Community development means giving money to  so called “housing rights groups” who then use that money to further their political agendas. Imagine giving loans to people in the inner cities or in rural areas to buy properties so they like you and will vote for your party when election time comes around. These groups know the loans will never get paid back in full but they don’t really care. If anyone with a different agenda stands in their way they are publicly called that career ending word: racist. Who would dare stand in the way of minorities owning their own houses? In exchange for their generosity members of the housing rights group get elected by the community to local, state and federal positions and make sure more money is sent the groups way to build up their power base. After a while it seemed that those loans began to be given to anyone that asked for one.

Why housing prices went up. All those people who got loans obviously began building houses or buying up existing houses and lots. The value of everything went up as people with good credit competed against those that got race based loans. Houses, lots, building materials, labor costs all appreciated in an artificial way and kept on appreciating as more and more people entered the property market. Politicians love this because they get to collect more property taxes and brag home ownership is the highest in history, Wall Street loves this because they get to trade loans and earn commissions, homeowners love this because the value of their property goes up and can get a big mortgage to buy that nice car, a second home or a trip to the Caribbean. Everyone makes out like a bandit. Or so it seems.

Eventually the time comes for every loan to get paid back and the great majority of prople do pay back their loans on time. When a few loans are not paid it’s no big deal as they are already factored into the business model, the system can handle it. When the price of oil went up, everything else went up and kept going up. Eventually people that borrowed money had to make tough decisons about how to spend what money they had: pay back loans (car, home, college, etc.), put food on the table, buy gas for the car, maybe cancel the cable subscription, or use last year’s school supplies instead of buying new ones. With no one buying houses demand went way down and with so many houses on sale and tens of thousands others being built prices started going down all over the country.

Early on defaulters made up about 2.5% of the market, worrying but not an economy killer. Even that small percentage of defaults drove some companies close to the brink of banrupcy and made the US as well as the world economy tremble because they were worth billions and billions of dollars. When the percentage of possible deafults rose to 10%+ companies that backed those loans worth trillions of dollars began going bankrupt or their stock value diminished drastically, specially with the price of houses dropping as much as 30% or more in some markets. With so many people possibly defaulting and the price of houses going down the holders of those mortgage-backed bad loans Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Wall Street banks and others could no longer back those bad loans because there was no more money coming in and their house of cards, built on values printed on paper instead of assets, blew up.

No one told Fannie, Freddie, Wall Street banks and others to approve so many bad loans, just to diversify their portfolio. That’s where greed came into play; as long as the price of real estate kept going up they were in hog heaven making billions hand over fist. If Federal regulators and company management had been doing their jobs and kept the amount of lending reasonable there would also be no crisis, the speculating would have been kept under control. With little or no oversight Wall Street companies began running wild taking riskier and riskier gambles knowing Freddie and Fannie had their backs.

Attempts to reign in the out of control sub-prime market were made in 2000, 2003, 2005 and early in 2008 but by then it was too late. In 2003 the White House asked Congress to step in and regulate the mess, Congress declined. In 2004 the head of Fannie Mae, Franklin Rines, was fired while other top executives resigned because of accounting shenanigans reminiscent of Enron style accounting book-cooking manipulation. In 2005 John McCain along with 2 co-sponsors presented a bill, S 190, that might have stopped the mess, again Congress took no action. Every single time it was mostly Democrats in Congress with a few Republicans that stood in the way of reforms. Some say it was because of the big campaign contributions received by mainly Democratic politicians from Freddie, Fannie and Wall Street banks and their employees while others say that those companies provided enough paperwork proving they were doing things right.

Now the Government is studying giving a $ 700 billion bailout to prevent an even deeper crisis. Add to the $ 700 billion being considered the hundreds of billions already paid out to shore up some Wall Street companies, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the world economy and the question becomes, how much more is needed to stop the bleeding? Can the US taxpayer support so much debt?

On a Fox News show this afternoon one of the guests said that the $ 54 trillion unregulated credit/debt-swap (I think that is what she said) market might be the next to go south. The FBI took too long to get involved and investigate what the hell is going on.

September 18, 2008

Paying more taxes is patriotic! So says Joe Biden.

Barack Obama’s running mate, Senator Joe Biden who has been in the Senate since 1972, said today that paying more taxes is patriotic, it’s the right thing to do. Leave it to an out of touch Democratic Senator from a Blue State with high taxes to come up with this quasi communist idea more suited for the 1970’s Jimmy Carter era. Unfortunately for Biden since 5 or 6 years ago the Mainstream Media (MSM) was no longer able to control that only liberal biased news, thought and political opinion was disseminated by TV, cable, talk radio, newspapers, the Internet, etc. So today instead of Biden being painted by the MSM as a wise sage in touch with the country’s needs, he has been made into the political laughing stock of the day.

I am beginning to believe Rush Limbaugh is right on the money and that Obama’s running mate is a walking, talking, unstoppable gaff machine. In fact every time Biden makes a public appearance the Obama campaign should put a microphone in front of him, tape the event, charge a dollar to those that want to view the show live and sell the DVD over the Internet at $ 5 a pop plus $ 3 shipping and handling. Don’t forget to put the Obama logo on the cover. A few days ago Joe wanted a wheelchair-bound man to stand up before a crowd. I thought only the Messiah was able to do that type of miracles and so far Obama has claimed that the seas will stop rising but never said he can make the impaired walk. Imagine what Joe will say tomorrow.

The “pay more taxes is patriotic” comment and it’s justification was made by Biden today in an interview on Good Morning America. But it is not the first time Joe has made a similar comment. The question, in my opinion is, why raise taxes? I believe the answer to the economic dilema is very simple, the House and the Senate should immediately close the purse strings they control and stop thinking about new ways to take our hard earned money while the Federal Government has to learn to live within its means and start spending less of our money.

After listening to Biden’s comments a couple of questions come to mind about what he said. On one hand is Joe Biden trying to imply that America’s middle class is unpatriotic because it doesn’t pay much in taxes? I know he says he will take from the rich and give to the middle class but Barack Obama has voted favorably on bills that tax those with incomes as low as $ 42,000. Lack of consistency there. On the other hand is Biden saying that the top 1% of Americans that pay almost 50% of all taxes are unpatriotic? Joe says that raising the tax rates of the rich to the level they were during President Clinton’s period is about right but he forgets that since Clinton left office both local and state taxes have gone up. So his assertion that even if Federal taxes were raised they would be less than what they were during President Reagan’s term is not true. Another inconsistency. But here’s the kicker: this “patriotic” and “the right thing to do” BS comes from a Senator representing Delaware  that over the last few years has made over $ 2.5 million and donated less than $ 20,000 to charity. I guess it’s do what I say not what I do, right Joe?

Presently Barack Obama is the most liberal Senator in the USA Senate bar none. I now am beginning to understand why he chose Senator Biden to be his running mate: they both believe in higher taxes no matter what. The headlines scream: the country is in economic meltdown! Instead of saying how they are going to fix the problem their solution is: raise taxes. Both Obama and Biden will use any rhetoric to further their quasi communist cause including taking your money away from you, giving that money to the Federal Government so that it can give it away to whomever it wishes. All in the name of helping the poor. Both should move to Venezuela, Bolivia or Cuba because they would feel right at home among others that believe in Liberation Theology.

I have to give Senator Biden some credit though, at least he did not bash Sarah Palin while making his comments. Who knows, Sarah Barracuda might even be merciful with Ol’ Joe during the debate…until she gets fed up with the BS and decides to clean his clock.

September 15, 2008

Obama, it’s not the money, volunteers or entertainment stars stupid!

Barack Obama’s presidential bid is starting to get in trouble and a win come November is no longer a sure thing. According to recent polls his campaign has lost steam and most importantly ground against John McCain’s. In a year where historically the party out of power should have an advantage in winning the presidential election and picking up seats in both House and Senate elections Democrats are starting to waver. So, what’s going on?

Moneywise Obama’s campaign is doing great and rolling along. Last month they raised $ 66 million, more than any candidate in USA history, breaking his own $ 55 million record set in February, 2008. As impressive as that record was, last month 500,000 new donors signed up and Obama has had a total of 2.5 million people send his campaign money. Another record. Many political pundits predict Obama might raise another $ 90 million, give or take a few million, before the election.

Their information and propaganda apparatus is unrivaled because the staff working for his campaign is very tech savvy and well connected to a sympathetic Mainstream Media (MSM) that is favorably inclined in favor of Obama because it shares the Democratic worldview. The campaign’s press releases, ads, corrections, rebuttals and opinions make it to the all major newspapers, magazines, college newspapers, liberal web sites, liberal talk radio, to both social news and social bookmarking web sites, to both cable news and TV channels, etc., all over the world within minutes after being made public. The recipients most of the time immediately post the items on their websites while waiting, as is the case for printed media outlets for printing time to come around, or as is the case for radio, cable or TV opinion and news programs, for their time slots to come up.

Among volunteers, paid and unpaid, moral is high and they feel energized. Volunteers are out in droves knocking on doors, talking to likely and unlikely voters, asking permission for putting up lawn signs, handing out flyers and buttons, registering new voters, making phone calls, asking for donations to the campaign and always on the lookout for more volunteers to join them on their quest. Besides the traditional volunteers, Hollywood and music stars are promoting Obama in record numbers posting favorable music videos, giving their endorsements, wearing clothes with his face stamped on them during concerts, posting blogs, performing at campaign rallies, holding fundraisers, attending fundraisers where they are the headliners, performing under Obama/Biden banners, and of course giving money from their own pockets to the campaign.

Barack Obama seems to have all the media, volunteers and stars he needs besides being able to raise more than enough money to compete against McCain. The problem is, in my opinion, that less and less people who are not committed Democrats want to hear his message of change. After a while someone who is in the news 24/7 and 365 days a year gets boring, specially when all they offer is hope and change. The mystical bloom is off the Barack Obama Black Prince rose and, to many, has left him exposed as a human being, a mortal man running for office.

Imagine the following hypothetical conversation between a likely voter of center or a slight conservative leaning and Barack Obama:

A center or center-right uncommitted voter asks Obama, “You want to change things. Change from what?”

Obama answers, “Politics as usal.”

The voter says, “OK, I like that. So how are you going to change things?”

Obama says, “By changing how things are done in Washington.”

“Mr. Obama.” The voter asks again, “Please explain how you are going to change things in Washington.”

Obama retorts, “By changing how business is conducted in Washington.”

After almost 2 years of the same cat and mouse games people are tuning Obama out. After all imagine if Obama hypothetically had answered the last question with the following:

Obama, “I will change things in Washington by raising your taxes, by keeping unqualified union teachers in classrooms teaching your children, by teaching age appropriate sex-ed in kindergarten, by talking to our enemies without pre-conditions, by promoting abortion as a mistake erasing alternative, by running away from Iraq, by opposing to produce more conventional energy, by increasing welfare and social programs, by reducing the size of our military, by unilaterally re-negotiating signed Free Trade Agreements, by appointing liberal judges that interpret the Constitution instead of ruling by the Constitution, by giving Citizenship to illegal aliens, by investing billions in alternative energy projects that might or might not work, by signing the Kyoto Protocol without demanding that India and China do the same, by handling terrorism as a law-enforcement issue, by suppressing religious beliefs in favour of atheism in the name of the separation of Church and State, by equating the rights of foreigners with those enjoyed by USA Citizens, by teaching a more liberal curriculum from Kindergarten to twelfth grade, by getting the UN and the International Community more involved in USA affairs, by taking away from union members their right to keep their vote secret in union elections, by believing Global Warming is mostly caused by humans, and by adopting more European values.”

He would lose the election as no one besides his left-wing base would vote for a candidate that stands for all those values. I may be mistaken but I do believe the above is what Obama stands for.

With an energized Republican party on the warpath thanks to Sarah Palin being picked to be McCain’s running mate, the public perceiving a liberal bias in the Mainstream Media that no longer reports news objectively, young women starting to look at Sarah Palin as an alternative role model, and Obama starting to be viewed as a politics-as-usual-politician, Barack Obama is in trouble.

September 8, 2008

List of Hollywood and music stars that favor Obama

UPDATE October 5, 2008: An updated and much longer list has been posted HERE.

It is no secret that most Hollywood and music stars are liberals and have become a reliable source of campaign cash for Democratic candidates. By May 21, 2008 the music and entertainment industry had given $ 4 million to the Obama and $ 3.4 million to the Clinton campaigns. How did John McCain fare you ask? His campaign received $ 636,000, total.

Below is a partial list of some of the many Hollywood and music stars that support Barack Obama for president. They were chosen because they have either been recently in the news or were run across in my non-scientific Internet search. A short explanation is given about some of their comments or actions in favor of Obama but please take it with a large grain of salt as it is in no way complete. In case someone asks, of course there is a small number of stars that support John McCain like Sylvester Stallone and Charlie Daniels.

Not included are many hip-hop stars like 50 Cent, Chamillionare, Scarface, etc., because around 95% of their community supports Obama’s candidacy. To list them all would take forever. Several use clothes with Obama’s image on them on stage, speak favorably of the candidate and hope the more outspoken members of the community tone down their support for fear of alienating voters that do not understand what their music is about. Some artists have said they support and will vote for Obama because he is one of them while others say he is the most qualified for the job, race having nothing to do with their decision. To say that they are excited about this election is an understatement!

In no particular order or preference:

Jackson Browne: On August 14, 2008 he sued the Ohio Republican party (ORp) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) because the ORp used his 1977 song “Running on Empty” in a TV ad. The ad poked fun at Obama because of his comments to tune up cars and inflate their tires to make the US independent of foreign oil. Browne has been a liberal all his life and thought that if his music was used in Republican ads the public might think he endorses McCain. Since 2004 he has contributed at least $ 4,300 to Obama’s coffers. After the lawsuit was filed the ORp pulled the ad. Browne is asking for around $75,000 in damages.

Shawn Carter (Jay-Z): March 3, 2008 an audio only voice recording made by the rapper is put out asking voters to vote for Obama on the Mar 4 Ohio Democratic primaries. The rapper has said he supports Obama for president. April 2008 after the ABC debate with Hillary Clinton, in a speech a few days later, Obamausedthe the motion of brushing dirt off his shoulder to make a point. Most people outside of the hip-hop community missed the significance of the gesture but it quickly became controversial. In a mater of days after the controversy that a presidential candidate for the first time ever used hip-hop inspired gestures during a speech had reached a crescendo, it was learned that the gesture could be related to a song by Jay-Z called “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”. The gesture meant shaking those that hate you off or getting rid of negative energy. Obama and his campaign have said that in his iPod Obama has songs by Jay-Z….

Heart: On September 4, 2008 a “cease-and-desist” letter was sent by singers Ann and Nancy Willson to the McCain campaign because they were using their 1970’s song “Barracuda” without their permission. The sisters added that if the McCain campaign had asked for permission it would have been denied. Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s nickname in High School was Sarah Barracuda thus the use of the song. The campaign says they have paid all necessary licenses to ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and the song is available for public performances as long as the licensing fees are paid.

Christopher Bridges (Ludacris): April 2008 in a concert the rapper said Obama had his unwavering support on his bid to become President of the USA. In July 2008 the Obama campaign has distanced themselves from Ludacris because of his song “Politics: Obamais Here” that contains some controversial material the campaign said was outrageously offensive, something akin to: President Bush is mentally handicapped, Vice President Cheney belongs in a wheel chair paralyzed, an Obama presidency is destiny, criticized Reverend Jessie Jackson, and called Hillary Clinton a b***h.

Jon Bon Jovi: On September 5, 2008 the singer and his wife Dorothea hosted over 100 guests for a $ 30,800 per person fund raising diner in favor of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Obama campaign. Obama gave an very short speech, about 8 minutes long, to the guests before mingling.

Oprah Winfrey: On September 5, 2008 the Drudge Report said that the show is receiving a lot of emails asking that Sarah Palin be on. Half of the staff really wants Palin to appear but that Oprah and a couple of her people do not because it might hurt Obama. In 2007 continues the Drudge Report, conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was not allowed to go on when he was promoting his book. Later on September 5, 2008 Oprah stated to TMZ that she would love to have Palin on, after the election, as the staff had not discussed the Palin appearance and she had made the decision not have her show become a platform for candidates. Oprah has said about Obama: That would be my favorite guy, ….I know him well enough to believe in his moral authority. And that is the number one reason why I am supporting him, Senator, my favorite Senator, and my choice. He appeared twice on Oprah, in January 2005 and October 2006, before she gave him her formal endorsement. On September 25, 2006 Oprah, on Larry King Live, said she hoped Obama ran for President. May 2007 Oprah formally endorses Obama for President. September 8, 2007 Oprah hosted an Obama fundraiser for 1,500 guests, each one donating $ 2,300 to his campaign. From November 2007 to February 2008 Oprah campaigned with Obama in Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire and in California. Many opine it was Oprah that introduced Obama to white American women and because of her active support suffered a huge backlash that continues to these days. August 2008 she was at the DNC in Denver praising Obama’s acceptance speech.

Barbara Streisand: February 2007 she attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles. July 1, 2008 the singer endorsed Obama for President. September 3, 2008 she attended the fundraiser given by Samuel L. Jackson and his wife in favor of the Obama Victory Fund, Michelle Obama was the headliner.

Sean “Diddy” Combs: June 24, 2008 at the BET Awards show the rapper endorsed Obama for President saying that if everyone registered to vote Obama will be the first black president in the history of America, then chanted “Obama or Die”. On August 31, 2008 Diddy posted his video blog “Diddy Obama Blog # 16: Attention John McCain” saying he does not agree with McCain as he is making crazy decisions like choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate because, Diddy said, there are no crackheads, black people and not enough crime in Alaska. He added that instead of Palin, McCain should have chosen Michelle Obama as his running mate.

Robert De Niro: December 8, 2006 when asked whom he wold like to see as president the actor responded Hillary or Obama, one of the two. February 4, 2008 De Niro appeared at an Obama rally.

Jessica Alba: February 29, 2008 she appears on the video tribute to Obama “We are The Ones”. August 2008 she was at the DNC in Denver.

Cindy Crawford: September 8, 2007 she attended the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama. June 24, 2008 she attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Nasir Jones (Nas): June 2008 he was the first to come out with a song about Obama’s run for the presidency titled “Black President”. On July 24, 2008 Nas said he was not endorsing Obama but does believes in Obama and that Obama is hope, change and the smartest president[ial] [candidate] he’s heard speak ever since Jimmy Carter’s time when Nas started paying attention. On the other hand, he added that Conservatives are scared of young rappers and people like him who are changing the world with their music because they do not understand them.

Heidi Klum: June 24, 2008 she attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Tom Hanks: February 2007 he attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles. May 4, 2008 in a video he endorsed Obama for president. Has given money to both Hillary Clinton and Obama besides many other Democratic politicians.

Dennis Quaid: June 24, 2008 he attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles.

John Cougar Mellencamp: February 4, 2008 the singer was annoyed that the McCain campaign was using his music at their rallies so his representatives asked the campaign to stop using his music. February 8, 2008 the McCain campaign said they will stop using Mellencamp’s music at their rallies. Mellencamp is a long-time liberal and has played at John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Wesley Clark, Howard Dean and Barack Obama rallies.

Samuel L. Jackson: February 24, 2008 the actor passed up an opportunity to present an Oscar at the 2008 Academy Awards because he was going to be at an Obama rally in Texas. June 24, 2008 he attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles. September 3, 2008 the actor and his wife La Tanya hosted guests at their home for a fundraiser in favor of the Obama Victory Fund, Michelle Obama was the headliner.

Scalett Johannson: February 2, 2008 she appears on the video “Yes We Can” inspired by the a speech given by Obama. September 3, 2008 she attended the fundraiser given by Samuel L. Jackson and his wife in favor of the Obama Victory Fund, Michelle Obama was the headliner.

Alicia Keyes: June 24, 2008 at the BET Awards show said black people should erase the word can’t from their vocabulary, together we can do anything, and Obama y’all.

Bruce Springsteen: April 2008 the Boss endorses Obama for president in a message to his fans.

Will Smith: September 8, 2007 he attended the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama. August 2008 the actor was present at the DNC in Denver.

Halle Berry: September 8, 2007 she attended the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama.

Jay Jenkins (Young Jeezy):in July 2008 he said he is the Democratic party, he does not plan to vote for McCain and supports Barack Obama. He sometimes wears the message “My President is Black” during his appearances.

Jamie Foxx: September 8, 2007 he attended the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama. August 2008 the actor attended a fundraiser for Obama in Beverly Hills with his daughter. August 2008 he was present at the DNC in Denver.

Linda Evans: September 8, 2007 she attended the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama.

Chris Rock: September 8, 2007 he attended the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama.

Sidney Poitier: September 8, 2007 he attended the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama.

Steve Wonder:September 8, 2007 he performed at the fundraiser Oprah Winfrey hosted for Obama. August 28, 2008 he sang the song “Signed Sealed Delivered” at the DNC in Denver.

George Clooney: February 2007 he attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles. February 2008 he said that he had been supporting Obama for a year and a half and was very excited about his campaign. August 2008 he attended the DNC in Denver. September 2, 2008 Clooney was the main attraction at an Obama fundraiser in Switzerland where around 170 US Citizens that donated $ 1,000 heard his speech. Later on that night the actor headlined at an intimate diner style Obama fundraiser where 75 donors gave $ 10,000 each for the campaign.

Sugar Ray Leonard: June 24, 2008 he attended an Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles.

September 5, 2008

A united Republican Party leaves the convention, watch out Democrats!

Who would have thought last Friday that come today, Thursday, the Republican Party would be united, fired up and looking forward to fighting and possibly beating the surprised, demoralized and panicking Democrats for the Presidency? Almost no one. This 2008 RNC Convention was expected to be boring and uninspiring; a bunch of out of touch people getting together to twirl a dead cat. Some members had even given up saying, let’s get it over with and resign ourselves to becoming Democrats. Pass the cat, it’s my turn. Weee!

Hurricane Gustav was not helping matters but thanks to the work done in the years after Katrina the New Orleans levees held and damage to the Gulf Coast was not as extensive as the Mainstream Media (MSM) had hyped it up to be. Picking Sarah Palin as John McCain’s VP choice was inspiring to some conservatives but not everyone was convinced she was an asset. But in many hearts hope was rekindled, the kind of hope a drowning man clings to when a lifesaver is thrown his way. Anyways the MSM did their best to portray Republicans in the worst light possible reminding everyone what a horrible job George Bush had done during Katrina, questioning John McCain’s credentials and painting Sarah Palin as a conservative hick that could not properly rear her children. 

Monday was a wash, hurricane Gustav saw to that. Tuesday, the first real day of the GOP convention, the fireworks began with Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman firing salvo after salvo at Democrats, leaving “all knowing” pundits wide eyed and wondering what the heck had happened that night. Had Republicans remembered they were Republicans? Had Republicans forgotten they had to be nice to Democrats? The question was, would they keep up the energy level or apologize and tone it down? That was unquestionably answered Wednesday with inspired speeches given by Mick Romney, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani setting the stage for VP pick Sarah Palin. By the time she took the stage that night, there was no question the Republican Party was on the verge of coming back together after months of splitting and breaking apart. Palin more than proved her mantle in the spotlight, closing the deal with the base. Donations began pouring into the party coffers as reluctant donors, after months of waiting for a sign, finally opened up their wallets. That night Democrats began seriously panicking and the MSM was left speechless and blabbering; it could not believe it had been harshly chastised in public not by one but by all four featured speakers. Yesterday the party united and anxiety was laid to rest.

Today purpose and inspiration was found in the speeches given by Tom Ridge and Lindsey Graham. Todd Palin provided some much applauded comic relief. Cindy McCain provided a stark difference in class, grace and content to what Michelle Obama said in her speech last week. Afterwards John McCain cleaned the Democrat’s clock by explaining how life tempered him to become the man he is, comparing himself to the man Barak Obama. He also contrasted what Republicans and what Democrats believed and stood for. He finished by listing what he and Palin were going to do for the people of the USA, not for themselves or their party, and what Democrats were offering in exchange. By the end of the night Republicans everywhere were excited and ready to help McCain get elected.

Look out Democrats, the Republican Party is back and spoiling for a fight this November!

September 3, 2008

Last night I feasted on conservative red meat and drank liberal wine

Last night us republicans that watched the 2008 RNC Convention speeches got served a full meal and then some. For an aperitif we had short speeches by President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. The main course was served by ex-Senator Fred Thompson who gave us juicy, tasty, as good as it gets conservative red meat. To wash the meal down we delighted in savoring some rarefied liberal wine served by Senator Joe Lieberman. As dessert we got to watch befuddled looking pundits from right, left and independent persuasions discuss what had just taken place during the second night of the convention. In my biased opinion the speeches were that good.

After having the first day of the convention crashed by hurricane Gustav, republicans had their fingers crossed hoping no surprise damage would be found in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast come daylight. They got their wish but still the second day of the convention started off with some uncertainty; it better be a good night because come Friday attention would switch back to the race. The First Lady talked about her husband’s accomplishments such as faith based programs now being used in 35 states, educational achievements like better test scores, etc. I can’t really recall what else she said as I was not paying that much attention, sorry. She then introduced her husband. It was obvious that President Bush was going to get a bit of the limelight but not too much of it. With approval ratings in the high 20’s he is not a very popular man outside the party base and having him around too long could have motivated independents and conservative democrats to switch the channel. The President started off by saying damage to the Gulf Coast had been less than some predicted and thanked those helping out, from authorities to volunteers, for a job well done reminding everyone to be careful down there. He spent most of his speech praising John McCain’s character, convictions and his willingness to fight for the troop surge, making sure everyone knew that they did not see eye to eye on some issues but that McCain was the man for the job. He ended by saying Sarah Palin was a strong and principled woman adding that come November voters will choose McCain because of his judgement, experience and policies. With the short and non-confrontational speech delivered by President Bush over, it was left to Fred Thompson to shock-and-awe the base.

The ex-Senator came out swinging, quickly differentiating the republican’s optimistic point of view from the democrat’s gloom and doom. Afterwards he made a strong case in favor of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate explaining that the media does not like her and favorably compared her to record to Obama’s without mentioning his name. He then got to the main part of the speech, who was John McCain: starting off with McCain’s childhood, talking about his hell raising days in High School and the Naval Academy, his career as a Navy fighter pilot ending with one of the most emotional accounts of what John McCain had endured as a POW in Vietnam that I had ever heard. All this preamble led up to why McCain was McCain. Having suffered and not broken under the strain he came out of the war stronger, with honor, courage, humility, etc. Thompson then explained that McCain as a Senator was not a quitter, he was a reformer winning some battles and losing others but always standing up for what he believed. To wrap it up democrats were lambasted as having chosen an inexperienced candidate promising more taxes who would follow the flawed liberal mantra. Instead vote for McCain who stands for our values, a strong military, a mature foreign policy, etc. God bless John McCain and God bless America! To say that the speech delivered by Fred Thompson hit the spot is an understatement. Many of us conservatives thought that this RNC convention was going to be a boring, wimpy, let’s be more like them, bow our heads, hold our hands and sing kumbaya, wait to be assimilated affair. Au contraire people! There were fireworks last night!

What can I say about Joe Lieberman’s soaring speech? Here was a long time democrat, a Bill Clinton supporter, pleading with democrats and republicans to put party affiliation second, and country first. The speech started out by using hurricane Gustav as an example that democrats and republicans can work together but that it was sad that only times of hardship could bring them together. The American People are tired of partisanship, he continued, and want their leaders to unite and solve problems that affect them. He explained that his reason for being at the RNC was to tell everyone that they should support Senator McCain for President. McCain has reached across party lines numerous times to work on campaign finance reform, ethic laws, lobbying laws, national security reforms and to fight corruption, ofting bucking his party’s positions; McCain is his own man. Lieberman also said that while Obama is a man with plenty of potential, in these turbulent times, he was not yet ready to be President. To end his speech the Senator asked Independents, Reagan Democrats and Clinton Democrats to vote not for a party but for America, for a man that began serving his country when he was 17 years old: John McCain. Well said Senator, well said!

Democrats masquerading as independent commentators on Mainstream Media (MSM) channels were saying: democrats will not like what Fred Thompson said! As Homer Simpson would say, Duh! Some conservative pundits suggested Joe Lieberman would need a food taster starting today because he had endorsed McCain. No one mentioned President Bush or his speech. After all was said and done the MSM still managed to portray the convention as a how horrible a mother Sarah Palin really is because her conservative values did not prevent her teenage daughter Bristol from having sex and getting pregnant. I hope they keep it up because their comments are offending millions of mothers and fathers who have daughters because as parents they don’t like to be told how horrible a job they are doing by people with a different value system.

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