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December 17, 2008

Colin Powell throwing shoes at Rush Limbaugh

I find it funny in a warped, badly scripted, viscerally wrenching sort of way when a “supposed” Republican like Colin Powell, a known turncoat, bashes conservative icon Rush Limbaugh for believing his conservative beliefs, never mind throwing our gal Sarah Palin under the bus in the same breath for holding HER small town beliefs. Such defeatist thoughts, rooted in the victorious post election liberal mantra, appropriate for lib lips but never for a conservatives and uttered in a serious, deep and measured tone of voice by a Collin Powell leaves the mind free to wander through it’s seldom visited cobweb filled rooms while sifting among barely remembered old news stories.

After a trip along memory lane one starts to wonder how someone with Collin Powell’s lack of moral compass, lack of beliefs and, most of all, lack of loyalty ever made the rank of General never mind a four star General. I am beginning to understand that Barack Hussein Obama was not the only affirmative action “magic minority” out there. But unlike a turncoat Powell, Obama who is another member of the “magic [affirmative action] minority”, has something going for him. He was grateful, steadfast and loyal to his party and supporters. Loyal to the people that nurtured and helped him on his way.

It’s understandable that liberals, democrats, progressives  and their worshippers in the Mainstream Media (MSM) would look at Rush Limbaugh like something soft and smelly someone steps on at the park. But for a supposed black “conservative icon” like Powell to try and eviscerate Limbaugh and Palin on liberal cable news ex-powerhouse CNN by launching non-stop verbal darts [a la Egyptian shoe throwing journalist] is so gay. After all wasn’t a wishy washy Powell the one who kept everyone wondering to what political party he belonged? The MSM loved him for it. Wasn’t Powell the traitor to Republicans when a few weeks before the election the “supposed” conservative Powell endorsed Obama? The MSM and liberal loved him for the endorsement while Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other prominent conservatives roasted him on prime time saying his decision was race based. Wasn’t Powell the one that bashed our gal Sarah Palin because she did not meet his, I believe, liberal standards for a Republican female candidate? Again the MSM and libs loved and adulated him for his stance against Palin.

Is Powell at all concerned about his legacy? Probably not. He knows that he can hide behind the African-American shield, using his race for cover for those not in the know, while in my opinion possibly working behind the scenes to get himself or maybe his son some sort of position in the Obama White House and paving the way for lib written history books to remember him as the member of the “magic minority” that came to his senses after wandering off the plantation. Don’t forget that the MSM is already busy cleaning and rehabilitating his name of the Uncle Tom and house negro references / remarks made by some of it’s members while Powell worked for the Bush Administration. These days the MSM even goes as far as reminding us of what a great and historic man Powell is to his generation. In their opinion.

Collin Powell should bow his head in shame, resign the GOP as soon as possible and have the courage to say: I am a proud lib! Come out of the closet Collin Powell, who do you think you are kidding?


November 24, 2008

Fairness Doctrine and the wilting Mainstream Media

I wonder if Democrats across the entire dem/lib/progressive/looney tunes left ideological spectrum are in such a hurry to bring back the Fairness Doctrine for radio and their newly invented bastard brothers and sisters for cable and the Internet because they see their Mainstream Media allies going down in flames. Simply put, now that the shamelessly obvious and in your face liberal bias of most Mainstream Media (MSM) is recognized by the public for what it is they no longer trust the MSM to provide fair, balanced and trustworthy content.

To illustrate my point a couple of candidates come to mind. Can you guess the stock market price of one share of candidate number one the once trustworthy New York Times? In yonder days it was affectionately revered as the Gray Lady proudly sporting the catchy slogan “all the news that’s fit to print”. But these days, outside of left wing circles, it is derided and known as one of the best birdcage liners money can buy whose slogan should read “all the filth fit to print”. Share price: $5. Yup 5 bucks, down from a high of over $ 40. Candidate number two is the Associated Press (AP) or AP-Obama as Rush Limbaugh calls it. Recently this once unquestioned and rock solid source of global news announced it would let go 10% of its workforce come January 2009.

The MSM helped get Barack Obama elected, agressively supported gay marriage and every other lib cause they got wind of but has now lost most if not all of what little credibility it had left outside left wing circles and is more quickly than slow going out of business. Will Obama try to bail out his propaganda arm and curb the seemingly unstoppable rise of conservative talk radio and cable shows by implementing the Fairness Doctrine or one of their recently mentioned bastardlings? If they do, will Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi play fair and also implement the Fairness Doctrine for their propagandists on the over the airwaves TV channels? How about their disciples on the internet, cable shows, magazines, newspapers, college and university papers, etc.? An Obama presidency is bound to give the MSM a boost just by the fact he is a dem, one of them. But hopefully, in the long run, the boost will be towards bankrupcy.

October 19, 2008

Terrorist keynote speaker at University of Nebraska, not!

William Ayers, the Barack Obama supporter and unrepentant American terrorist, had been invited by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) to give the keynote address next November 15th during part of the college’s two day 100th anniversary celebrations. His 9:00am speech would have been titled “We Are Each Other’s Keepers: Research to Change The World”. A bit much chutzpah coming from a founder of the 1960’s American terrorist organization the Weather Underground, don’t you think? Some people got mad as hell and began asking that if UNL wanted a prominent negative figure couldn’t they have booked the likes of Ward Churchill or O. J. Simpson instead? Why not ratchet up the ante and invite Osama bin Laden or the very first radical, according to Saul Alinski, Lucifer?

This week when Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh spread the word that Ayers was coming to town the uproar began in earnest. Some politically correct faculty members, college groups and regents tried to defend the decision to invite Ayers but after a couple of days of unrelenting and mounting pressure the Ayers visit was cancelled. Safety concerns was the reason given. I suspect UNL is trying to save face but threats by current and past alumni to withhold donations, a possible backlash for the Obama campaign not to mention political pressure from Governor Dave Heineman and Senator Ben Nelson among others were the real cause of the invitation being rescinded.

Liberals are in shock that they couldn’t get away with the Ayers visit and are asking themselves what the world is coming to when an unrepentant homegrown left-wing terrorist cannot give a speech to mostly conservative reared college students. They rationalise the invitation as giving those conservative reared students the opportunity of hearing a novel and opposing point of view because that is what colleges are supposed to do, challenge young minds. I beg to differ, a 1960’s unrepentant American terrorist has no business giving speeches at American college campuses much less teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A final thought: Since UNL is a liberal paradise can you imagine the reception our gal Sarah Palin would receive if she gave a speech there? Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey would have a blast with all the material they would have to choose from for that Saturday’s show.

October 8, 2008

Sarah Palin: Obama hung with a Terrorist. CNN agrees!

Our gal Sarah is at it again. Last weekend Sarah Barracuda fresh from snacking on a befuddled Joe Biden at the 2008 VP debate, this time began tearing into Barack Obama and his ties with non repentant 1960’s terrorist William Ayers. Barack Hussein Obama is obviously very sensitive about the issue because with the war on terror going he does not want to be portrayed as knowing terrorists that bombed something, anything, in the continental USA. Much less “paling around” with one [or two], as our gal put it.

Before you stop reading and start sighing and rolling your eyes at reading that CNN actually did some fair investigative reporting on Obama’s ties to William Ayers, watch the following CNN video that aired on Anderson Cooper 360:

I would expect a segment like that to run on Fox News but never on CNN. Rush Limbaugh has a great joke posted on his website regarding Obama and his terrorist ties. The joke says: What do Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden have in common? They both have friends that bombed the Pentagon.

To see what our gal Sarah Barracuda Palin said about Barack Obama watch the following Associated Press video:

During her interview Katie Couric wanted to know what Sarah Palin reads, now she knows: The New York Times.

October 4, 2008

Say it ain’t so John McCain!

Listening to Rush Limbaugh’s show yesterday I almost gagged, feeling betrayed. Rush had nothing to do with it, Obama and his crew had nothing to do with it either, even that pork laden Wall Street bailout bill was not the culprit. John McCain was the culprit. The GOP presidential candidate, our Republican Party candidate, told news agency Reuters that he would get Al Gore involved in talks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and in talks to replace the Kyoto Protocol. McCain would tap, with all the billions of people on the world to chose from, Al Gore on environmental maters. 

Al Gore? Mr. I-make-up-the-facts-because-I-am-a-rabid-anti-American-lib-and-can-get-away-with-it-while-making-millions Gore? Mr. loony tunes, let’s scare the children, hypocrit in the extreme, discredited, partisan environmentalist himself? The left’s prophet of manmade environmental doom and gloom? The very same.

Come on John, say it ain’t so! Unfortunately it was.

While our gal Sarah Palin is out there swinging away at Joe Biden, taking on the Mainstream Media and asking to be sent to Michigan with hubby Todd Palin so they can campaign together in a state the campaign pulled out of a couple of days ago, John McCain seems to have stolen a page out of the democratic playbook and learned it by heart. I hope that come November he pulls the right lever and does not vote for Obama to prove he is bi-partisan.

By Monday I’ll probably be over it but in the meantime, quoting Diddy on one of his video blogs, “John McCain is bugging the f*@% out. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on right now.” I never thought I would quote anything Diddy said. Ever. That’s how disappointed I am in McCain.

McCain’s quotes regarding Al Gore can be read at the very end of the article found HERE.

September 18, 2008

Paying more taxes is patriotic! So says Joe Biden.

Barack Obama’s running mate, Senator Joe Biden who has been in the Senate since 1972, said today that paying more taxes is patriotic, it’s the right thing to do. Leave it to an out of touch Democratic Senator from a Blue State with high taxes to come up with this quasi communist idea more suited for the 1970’s Jimmy Carter era. Unfortunately for Biden since 5 or 6 years ago the Mainstream Media (MSM) was no longer able to control that only liberal biased news, thought and political opinion was disseminated by TV, cable, talk radio, newspapers, the Internet, etc. So today instead of Biden being painted by the MSM as a wise sage in touch with the country’s needs, he has been made into the political laughing stock of the day.

I am beginning to believe Rush Limbaugh is right on the money and that Obama’s running mate is a walking, talking, unstoppable gaff machine. In fact every time Biden makes a public appearance the Obama campaign should put a microphone in front of him, tape the event, charge a dollar to those that want to view the show live and sell the DVD over the Internet at $ 5 a pop plus $ 3 shipping and handling. Don’t forget to put the Obama logo on the cover. A few days ago Joe wanted a wheelchair-bound man to stand up before a crowd. I thought only the Messiah was able to do that type of miracles and so far Obama has claimed that the seas will stop rising but never said he can make the impaired walk. Imagine what Joe will say tomorrow.

The “pay more taxes is patriotic” comment and it’s justification was made by Biden today in an interview on Good Morning America. But it is not the first time Joe has made a similar comment. The question, in my opinion is, why raise taxes? I believe the answer to the economic dilema is very simple, the House and the Senate should immediately close the purse strings they control and stop thinking about new ways to take our hard earned money while the Federal Government has to learn to live within its means and start spending less of our money.

After listening to Biden’s comments a couple of questions come to mind about what he said. On one hand is Joe Biden trying to imply that America’s middle class is unpatriotic because it doesn’t pay much in taxes? I know he says he will take from the rich and give to the middle class but Barack Obama has voted favorably on bills that tax those with incomes as low as $ 42,000. Lack of consistency there. On the other hand is Biden saying that the top 1% of Americans that pay almost 50% of all taxes are unpatriotic? Joe says that raising the tax rates of the rich to the level they were during President Clinton’s period is about right but he forgets that since Clinton left office both local and state taxes have gone up. So his assertion that even if Federal taxes were raised they would be less than what they were during President Reagan’s term is not true. Another inconsistency. But here’s the kicker: this “patriotic” and “the right thing to do” BS comes from a Senator representing Delaware  that over the last few years has made over $ 2.5 million and donated less than $ 20,000 to charity. I guess it’s do what I say not what I do, right Joe?

Presently Barack Obama is the most liberal Senator in the USA Senate bar none. I now am beginning to understand why he chose Senator Biden to be his running mate: they both believe in higher taxes no matter what. The headlines scream: the country is in economic meltdown! Instead of saying how they are going to fix the problem their solution is: raise taxes. Both Obama and Biden will use any rhetoric to further their quasi communist cause including taking your money away from you, giving that money to the Federal Government so that it can give it away to whomever it wishes. All in the name of helping the poor. Both should move to Venezuela, Bolivia or Cuba because they would feel right at home among others that believe in Liberation Theology.

I have to give Senator Biden some credit though, at least he did not bash Sarah Palin while making his comments. Who knows, Sarah Barracuda might even be merciful with Ol’ Joe during the debate…until she gets fed up with the BS and decides to clean his clock.

August 9, 2008

Republicans in the Gang of 10 should grow a couple of Snickers

As a Conservative Latino I was having a wonderful day today, great in fact, after reading the news. Democrat John Edwards after constant pressure from cable news, the Internet and talk radio finally had to admit he had cheated on his cancer stricken wife. If Edwards is his “girlfriends” daughters father and/or whether it is proven he was funneling money to them, these two topics could easily become rounds number two and three and keep the story in the news. The price of a barrel of oil is coming down and gasoline is getting a tad less expensive almost everyday. The Olympic Games opening extravaganza was spectacular as the Chinese in my humble opinion did a good job. Finally as icing on the cake, John McCain is tied or 1 point or so ahead/behind the Obamessiah in most polls and seemed in control of the energy debate. McCain was beginning to be looked upon as the elder statesman while all over the country Democrats up for re-election were asking permission from party leaders to say to voters they were in favor of drilling (after voting against drilling for many years) and the Obamesiah was looking tired and inexperienced.  Some good news for a change amid the gloom and doom.

All of the sudden, BOOM! I read a transcript on Rush Limbaugh’s website and the mentioned article on the Wall Street Journal online and my bubble was deflated, exploded, destroyed, absolutely pulverized. Five Republican Senators have formed the so called Gang of 10 with five Democrat Senators and agreed to an energy bill compromise in the name of bi-partisanship. To make maters worse, the 5 Senate Republicans ADOPT politically correct, environmentally correct, anti energy ideas the Democrats want including allowing Peta and the ACLU to have a say in the energy debate! I was left thinking, how can experienced Republican politicians be this naive? The one issue raising huge waves nationally is pain at the pump. The one issue on Americans minds that was in sync with the Conservative tune was more energy production in the USA. One of the two issues that could potentially create a rift between Democrats (a Hillary Clinton nomination at the Democratic National Convention is the other) and their left wing environmental base is more local energy production: be it building new nuclear power plants, more power from coal, or more drilling for oil. Leave it to 5 Senate Republicans to side with the enemy, the enemy they were starting to catch up to, and dim the slight glimmer of hope they might defeat them in the coming elections.

Because of the Gang of 10 pact, after months of opposing any type of compromise on oil drilling, Obama now says he is in favor of bi-partisanship in an energy bill and McCain has to go out of his way to explain he’s against the plan because it raises taxes. These 5 Senate Republicans in one single move took away the wind from House Republican sails who were having a blast shaming Democrats all over the country to re-consider expanding energy production. Now Obama can go to Hawaii on his week long vacation knowing the mainstream media will carry his water and grill the McCain Campaign on why these 5 outstanding Republicans Senators have sided with the Democrats and why other Republicans will not follow suit.

Comedian Dennis Miller on The Factor with Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) had what to me was a great segment and said that Obama should grow a pair of Snickers as the Senator seems whiny. The Snickers comment comes about because of the Homosexual Community’s protesting, according to them, a perceived anti-gay bias on a Snickers commercial made by Mr. T about speed walkers that ends with “GET SOME NUTS”. The commercial will no longer be aired because of the perceived bias and Miller said that the gay community should not be so sensitive. I might be off the mark and proven wrong in the end but Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, John Thune, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Corker and Johnny Isakson should grow a couple of Snickers, get some nuts, say they made a mistake and back out of the Gang of 10. No pun intended.

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