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December 17, 2008

Colin Powell throwing shoes at Rush Limbaugh

I find it funny in a warped, badly scripted, viscerally wrenching sort of way when a “supposed” Republican like Colin Powell, a known turncoat, bashes conservative icon Rush Limbaugh for believing his conservative beliefs, never mind throwing our gal Sarah Palin under the bus in the same breath for holding HER small town beliefs. Such defeatist thoughts, rooted in the victorious post election liberal mantra, appropriate for lib lips but never for a conservatives and uttered in a serious, deep and measured tone of voice by a Collin Powell leaves the mind free to wander through it’s seldom visited cobweb filled rooms while sifting among barely remembered old news stories.

After a trip along memory lane one starts to wonder how someone with Collin Powell’s lack of moral compass, lack of beliefs and, most of all, lack of loyalty ever made the rank of General never mind a four star General. I am beginning to understand that Barack Hussein Obama was not the only affirmative action “magic minority” out there. But unlike a turncoat Powell, Obama who is another member of the “magic [affirmative action] minority”, has something going for him. He was grateful, steadfast and loyal to his party and supporters. Loyal to the people that nurtured and helped him on his way.

It’s understandable that liberals, democrats, progressives  and their worshippers in the Mainstream Media (MSM) would look at Rush Limbaugh like something soft and smelly someone steps on at the park. But for a supposed black “conservative icon” like Powell to try and eviscerate Limbaugh and Palin on liberal cable news ex-powerhouse CNN by launching non-stop verbal darts [a la Egyptian shoe throwing journalist] is so gay. After all wasn’t a wishy washy Powell the one who kept everyone wondering to what political party he belonged? The MSM loved him for it. Wasn’t Powell the traitor to Republicans when a few weeks before the election the “supposed” conservative Powell endorsed Obama? The MSM and liberal loved him for the endorsement while Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other prominent conservatives roasted him on prime time saying his decision was race based. Wasn’t Powell the one that bashed our gal Sarah Palin because she did not meet his, I believe, liberal standards for a Republican female candidate? Again the MSM and libs loved and adulated him for his stance against Palin.

Is Powell at all concerned about his legacy? Probably not. He knows that he can hide behind the African-American shield, using his race for cover for those not in the know, while in my opinion possibly working behind the scenes to get himself or maybe his son some sort of position in the Obama White House and paving the way for lib written history books to remember him as the member of the “magic minority” that came to his senses after wandering off the plantation. Don’t forget that the MSM is already busy cleaning and rehabilitating his name of the Uncle Tom and house negro references / remarks made by some of it’s members while Powell worked for the Bush Administration. These days the MSM even goes as far as reminding us of what a great and historic man Powell is to his generation. In their opinion.

Collin Powell should bow his head in shame, resign the GOP as soon as possible and have the courage to say: I am a proud lib! Come out of the closet Collin Powell, who do you think you are kidding?


October 8, 2008

Sarah Palin: Obama hung with a Terrorist. CNN agrees!

Our gal Sarah is at it again. Last weekend Sarah Barracuda fresh from snacking on a befuddled Joe Biden at the 2008 VP debate, this time began tearing into Barack Obama and his ties with non repentant 1960’s terrorist William Ayers. Barack Hussein Obama is obviously very sensitive about the issue because with the war on terror going he does not want to be portrayed as knowing terrorists that bombed something, anything, in the continental USA. Much less “paling around” with one [or two], as our gal put it.

Before you stop reading and start sighing and rolling your eyes at reading that CNN actually did some fair investigative reporting on Obama’s ties to William Ayers, watch the following CNN video that aired on Anderson Cooper 360:

I would expect a segment like that to run on Fox News but never on CNN. Rush Limbaugh has a great joke posted on his website regarding Obama and his terrorist ties. The joke says: What do Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden have in common? They both have friends that bombed the Pentagon.

To see what our gal Sarah Barracuda Palin said about Barack Obama watch the following Associated Press video:

During her interview Katie Couric wanted to know what Sarah Palin reads, now she knows: The New York Times.

October 4, 2008

Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is back!

It is no secret that most liberals, the Mainstream Media (MSM), East and West Coast Elites, feminists, a large part of Canadians and Europeans, and in all probability Senator Hillary Clinton do not like Governor Sarah Palin. Ever since her being announced as Senator John McCain’s VP pick she has been incessantly beaten with a proverbial 2×4. After her first speech last August she instantly became a republican rock star, eclipsing Barack Obama himself, and turning upside down America’s stereotype of what a successful woman should be. We conservatives knew in our bones libs, dems and progressives would do everything in their power to tear her apart. We were not let down.

After her two uplifting, triumphant coming out speeches things began getting rough for our gal Sarah. The Mainstream Media brewed up a 55 gallon drum of their special voodoo-black magic potion, so strong that a whiff could kill a moose, and went to work. By the time Palin gave her first interview her star was starting to lose its brilliance. The first one to use MSM tactics on her was ABC News’ Charlie Gibson followed by CBS News’ Katie Couric. Our gal unfortunately did not live up to expectations and underperformed. Add to her non rockstar interview performances a good dose of creative editing, some well though out gotcha questions, and by the time the dust settled she was on the ropes. Her aura had been so damaged in the eyes of some conservative pundits that they were publicly asking she be dropped from the ticket. The Obama campaign and the MSM were gloating. How the worm had turned.

By the time VP debate day arrived we had been treated to a couple of weeks of hilarious skits on SNL by Tina Fey, Sarah jokes on late night shows and expectations were low that our gal would be a worthy opponent to Senator Joe Biden. As usual the talking heads of the MSM were wrong while Middle America was sure of McCain’s choice. Whatever missteps and sins she committed on the interviews were forgotten after her debate performance in front of 70 million viewers. I believe Joe Biden had no idea what hit him or what he was up against. From the economy to foreign policy to putting the moderator on notice she performed, not flawlessly, but as the Sarah Palin we saw in August. Biden had more knowledge and experience but was flanked and out maneuvered.

Her performance provided a much needed boost to McCain’s struggling campaign and has given the Obama/Biden strategists more sleepless nights. Somewhere on the campaign trail Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is grinning. Joe Biden is making sure no bodily pieces are missing. The MSM is tweaking the voodoo-black magic potion. I wonder what Tina Fey will come up with tonight.

September 20, 2008

Proud to be called White Trash by a liberal elite

I was watching Greta Van Susteren’s show, On The Record on Fox News last night when one of her segments made me get off the couch, go to the icebox for a cold one, open it up and then chug it down in one gulp so I could start thinking. Of course I took the rest of the twelve pack back to the couch in case I needed to think really hard, red plastic bucket at my feet. I live in Mississippi in a two room wood and cinder block shack with the outhouse in back, uncut grass in front, shrubs growing wild all over the place. The woods start behind the chicken wire fenced-in backyard and a stream full of fish, with deep pools great for dynamite fishing, runs nearby. My mom, sister and pop share the tin roofed shack and since we can’t afford cable TV, I spliced into my Yankee neighbor’s service. Since he don’t know we also hooked-up to his electric service and lest he notice we only run the airconditioner during the day, so far he doesn’t mind. He don’t minds me doing his daughter in the woods by the stream neither, but my sister and first cousin get jealous sometimes because they can see our explicit videos on the Internet at school. They can only post our photographs.

I bet that to a lot of blue state elites the above satire rings as being close to the truth. After all what do they know about red states? What they read, hear and watch on Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets is put out by other elites with whom they share education and points of view. So they think that red states are fly-over territory with nothing to see or do, full of uneducated, uncouth incestuous savages and best not thought of while travelling from one coast to the other. Elites are getting a parody / satire of what life in middle America is all about….as big a parody / satire as middle America gets reading newspapers, watching videos, movies or TV put out by the MSM elites and believing that life in west or east coast states and cities is as glamorous, exciting, hip and fun as the MSM makes it out to be. Add to the mix comments and opinions coming from other elites from other parts of the world, like those from that paragon of liberalism from way up north, the CBC also known as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and you get so much anti middle America bias that those that blindly believe that what the MSM tells them is truthful believe that all people living there are white trash. You read right, white trash as CBC columnist Heather Mallick wrote in her column dated September 5, 2008.

Her column is titled “A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention” and as a conservative I ask that if you have the time click on the link at the botton of this post read her column and laugh. It is the perfect example of both Palin and McCain Derangement Syndrome written by a lib elite. In it Heather says Republicans have the white trash (not to be confused with trailer trash) vote, Republican men are sexual inadequates, Sarah Palin is not a female but a type that also comes in male form, agrees that Palin is an Alaskan hillbilly, is very dishonest, has a toned down porn actress look, and in Mallick’s own words has “a sturdy body, clothes that are clinging yet boxy and a voice that could peel the plastic seal off your new microwave”. She belittles daughter Bristol Palin and her man Levi Johnson, husband Tod Palin and son Track Palin. She finishes her anti-Palin / McCain / Republican  hit piece by agreeing with Obama in the need to raise taxes on the rich, tying everything up with racism, and writing that Susan Eisenhower was right when during her speech at the DNC in Denver said all moderates in the GOP had already been consumed by the party. Meaning my fellow residents of middle America that any Republican left has to be a hardcore hick, a hillbilly and / or white trash.

As a proud member of the white trash class I completely disagree with her assessment although I might admit under torture, forced to read Heather Mallick’s snobbish columns nonstop would qualify, that deep fried Oreos might be a touch much.

If you want to read Mallick’s column and can handle the vitriol it can be found here:

September 18, 2008

Paying more taxes is patriotic! So says Joe Biden.

Barack Obama’s running mate, Senator Joe Biden who has been in the Senate since 1972, said today that paying more taxes is patriotic, it’s the right thing to do. Leave it to an out of touch Democratic Senator from a Blue State with high taxes to come up with this quasi communist idea more suited for the 1970’s Jimmy Carter era. Unfortunately for Biden since 5 or 6 years ago the Mainstream Media (MSM) was no longer able to control that only liberal biased news, thought and political opinion was disseminated by TV, cable, talk radio, newspapers, the Internet, etc. So today instead of Biden being painted by the MSM as a wise sage in touch with the country’s needs, he has been made into the political laughing stock of the day.

I am beginning to believe Rush Limbaugh is right on the money and that Obama’s running mate is a walking, talking, unstoppable gaff machine. In fact every time Biden makes a public appearance the Obama campaign should put a microphone in front of him, tape the event, charge a dollar to those that want to view the show live and sell the DVD over the Internet at $ 5 a pop plus $ 3 shipping and handling. Don’t forget to put the Obama logo on the cover. A few days ago Joe wanted a wheelchair-bound man to stand up before a crowd. I thought only the Messiah was able to do that type of miracles and so far Obama has claimed that the seas will stop rising but never said he can make the impaired walk. Imagine what Joe will say tomorrow.

The “pay more taxes is patriotic” comment and it’s justification was made by Biden today in an interview on Good Morning America. But it is not the first time Joe has made a similar comment. The question, in my opinion is, why raise taxes? I believe the answer to the economic dilema is very simple, the House and the Senate should immediately close the purse strings they control and stop thinking about new ways to take our hard earned money while the Federal Government has to learn to live within its means and start spending less of our money.

After listening to Biden’s comments a couple of questions come to mind about what he said. On one hand is Joe Biden trying to imply that America’s middle class is unpatriotic because it doesn’t pay much in taxes? I know he says he will take from the rich and give to the middle class but Barack Obama has voted favorably on bills that tax those with incomes as low as $ 42,000. Lack of consistency there. On the other hand is Biden saying that the top 1% of Americans that pay almost 50% of all taxes are unpatriotic? Joe says that raising the tax rates of the rich to the level they were during President Clinton’s period is about right but he forgets that since Clinton left office both local and state taxes have gone up. So his assertion that even if Federal taxes were raised they would be less than what they were during President Reagan’s term is not true. Another inconsistency. But here’s the kicker: this “patriotic” and “the right thing to do” BS comes from a Senator representing Delaware  that over the last few years has made over $ 2.5 million and donated less than $ 20,000 to charity. I guess it’s do what I say not what I do, right Joe?

Presently Barack Obama is the most liberal Senator in the USA Senate bar none. I now am beginning to understand why he chose Senator Biden to be his running mate: they both believe in higher taxes no matter what. The headlines scream: the country is in economic meltdown! Instead of saying how they are going to fix the problem their solution is: raise taxes. Both Obama and Biden will use any rhetoric to further their quasi communist cause including taking your money away from you, giving that money to the Federal Government so that it can give it away to whomever it wishes. All in the name of helping the poor. Both should move to Venezuela, Bolivia or Cuba because they would feel right at home among others that believe in Liberation Theology.

I have to give Senator Biden some credit though, at least he did not bash Sarah Palin while making his comments. Who knows, Sarah Barracuda might even be merciful with Ol’ Joe during the debate…until she gets fed up with the BS and decides to clean his clock.

September 10, 2008

Is Sarah Palin the raptress and hip-hoptress of politics?

The East Coast-West Coast liberal establishment does not know what to make of Sarah Palin. She is unlike anything they have had to deal with in years, if ever. To their eyes she is a woman who has the audacity of challenging the status quo by dressing differently, speaking differently, moving differently, holding a different set of beliefs and whose moral compass points in a different direction than their own. An abomination, something similar to what the establishment thought about rap and hip-hop when they first came out and started gaining strength and followers. Remember all those holier than thou politicians, commentators and religious people, most all of them hypocrites, that denounced the artists because they were polluting the culture and poisoning the minds of those that heard their music? I believe Sarah Palin is thought of in the same way by Democrats and their supporters as Republicans and their supporters thought of the first successful rap and hip-hop artists many years ago. They are justly afraid of the new ideas and the reality that Palin represents and the willingness of people to hear her out.

To the Democrats horrified realization, after only one televised appearance in which she gave one speech, Palin immediately and strongly connected with a demographic composed of millions and millions of Americans that since the 1980’s Reagan era had not had a strong voice or a supporter in politics who shared their views and I don’t mean the usual crowd of the religious right, the NRA or GOP conservatives but a whole amalgam of disgruntled voters. Fearful libs realized that if they didn’t neutralize her immediately, she could become a star. So they did their best to slime her in the days before her speech at the RNC in the Twin Cities. Her second public appearance proved how right they were as Sarah rocked those present at the convention and those watching at home in Middle America.

She spoke to them in their language, like rap and hip-hop speaks to those in the ‘hood. Palin is as street as conservatives get with their base because she talks the talk after having walked the walk. She is one of them, not a fake not a poser but someone with a lot of credibility. She started out as a PTA mom who wanted to change the system, became a City Mayor, then a State Governor and now is a VP nominee. While I cannot draw a responsible, credible or logical similitude between Palin and any artist that started helping out at a street corner to make some bucks, who then began “singing” on the side and after years of hard work ended up giving concerts all over the world, being flown in private jets with so much bling and people that he needs two planes to travel; some might get the similarity I am trying to portray. As in any activity success can be ephemeral and hard to come by.

I guess saying the “make love not war” mantra or the “why can’t we just get along” phrase spoken by libs only applies to conservatives and Iraq. Because as Palin has found out there is an all out war against her and her family. A ghetto is not exclusive to the inner cities, it can become a frame of mind and applied to any area of the country. Palin does not share the appropriate area code because she comes from the Alaskan boonies, Palin does not belong to the right clubs or knows the right people, Palin has not kissed or paid respects to those who consider themselves above her on the lib side of the power ladder, and some even say she is the wrong gender with the wrong skin color for this historic election. In liberal circles Palin is painted as an outsider looking in but so far no one will unlock and open the door to her and, God forbid, her kind.

But like the backlash suffered by those that opposed rap and hip-hop, the backlash against the lib establishment has been huge and building in strength for some time. Look at magazines and newspapers that have lost thousands of subscriptions and advertising dollars, TV and cable shows that have kept the same number of viewers for months or in some cases lost viewers and websites that once were mainstream but now only preach to the quire. The folks know what they want to see and hear once they find it, not what interested parties tell them is right and politically correct.

How long will it take libs to understand that saying and writing falsehoods about Sarah Palin hurts them the most? To many on the political left Sarah walks on hoofs the size of diner plates and has a long tail ending in a spear tip, she wears a tight black leather dominatrix suit, holds a bullwhip in one hand and an assault weapon in the other, has horns on her forehead, exhales fire and steam, speaks in tongues, has a pig’s face, wears lipstick and uses her curvaceous body and good looks to make men horny. That is not the woman conservatives, many independents and dare I say it some Hillary supporters have fallen in love with.

In my opinion libs should remember the number of careers, reputations, businesses and congregations destroyed once the hypocrisy about those opposing rap and hip-hop was revealed. Once the sham was exposed, there was no stopping the music with its new reality getting out to the world. Women in particular are starting to get fed up with those gender bashing. They already saw Hillary Clinton go through the wringer and this time are not willing to give those piling up on Palin the benefit of the doubt about their intentions, not for a second time.

September 5, 2008

A united Republican Party leaves the convention, watch out Democrats!

Who would have thought last Friday that come today, Thursday, the Republican Party would be united, fired up and looking forward to fighting and possibly beating the surprised, demoralized and panicking Democrats for the Presidency? Almost no one. This 2008 RNC Convention was expected to be boring and uninspiring; a bunch of out of touch people getting together to twirl a dead cat. Some members had even given up saying, let’s get it over with and resign ourselves to becoming Democrats. Pass the cat, it’s my turn. Weee!

Hurricane Gustav was not helping matters but thanks to the work done in the years after Katrina the New Orleans levees held and damage to the Gulf Coast was not as extensive as the Mainstream Media (MSM) had hyped it up to be. Picking Sarah Palin as John McCain’s VP choice was inspiring to some conservatives but not everyone was convinced she was an asset. But in many hearts hope was rekindled, the kind of hope a drowning man clings to when a lifesaver is thrown his way. Anyways the MSM did their best to portray Republicans in the worst light possible reminding everyone what a horrible job George Bush had done during Katrina, questioning John McCain’s credentials and painting Sarah Palin as a conservative hick that could not properly rear her children. 

Monday was a wash, hurricane Gustav saw to that. Tuesday, the first real day of the GOP convention, the fireworks began with Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman firing salvo after salvo at Democrats, leaving “all knowing” pundits wide eyed and wondering what the heck had happened that night. Had Republicans remembered they were Republicans? Had Republicans forgotten they had to be nice to Democrats? The question was, would they keep up the energy level or apologize and tone it down? That was unquestionably answered Wednesday with inspired speeches given by Mick Romney, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani setting the stage for VP pick Sarah Palin. By the time she took the stage that night, there was no question the Republican Party was on the verge of coming back together after months of splitting and breaking apart. Palin more than proved her mantle in the spotlight, closing the deal with the base. Donations began pouring into the party coffers as reluctant donors, after months of waiting for a sign, finally opened up their wallets. That night Democrats began seriously panicking and the MSM was left speechless and blabbering; it could not believe it had been harshly chastised in public not by one but by all four featured speakers. Yesterday the party united and anxiety was laid to rest.

Today purpose and inspiration was found in the speeches given by Tom Ridge and Lindsey Graham. Todd Palin provided some much applauded comic relief. Cindy McCain provided a stark difference in class, grace and content to what Michelle Obama said in her speech last week. Afterwards John McCain cleaned the Democrat’s clock by explaining how life tempered him to become the man he is, comparing himself to the man Barak Obama. He also contrasted what Republicans and what Democrats believed and stood for. He finished by listing what he and Palin were going to do for the people of the USA, not for themselves or their party, and what Democrats were offering in exchange. By the end of the night Republicans everywhere were excited and ready to help McCain get elected.

Look out Democrats, the Republican Party is back and spoiling for a fight this November!

September 3, 2008

Break a leg (good luck) Sarah Palin

Our girl wowed them tonight. Who knew she was a natural? Crafty Ol’ John McCain did! Every Conservative feminist and reluctant Republican who since Friday was questioning and second guessing the campaign’s pick and asked if Sarah Palin could pass muster got their answers tonight. Witty, humorous, intense, sweet, poignant, you name it her strong speech had it all including stiletto heel attacks aimed at the Mainstream Media, Barak Obama and Democrats in general….delivered by a skirt clad, high heel wearing, sexy looking conservative woman that was very comfortable in her own skin. What a performance.

Did you see the women on the floor of the convention? Several were crying. I wonder how many more women across America connected with Palin tonight and maybe even became converts to the Republican cause. I suspect hundreds of thousands of them in rural America probably did, the women on the East and West Coast are a tougher audience. Will pregnant daughter Bristol still be an issue after tonight? Probably, but in my opinion that topic is a winner for Republicans. Will the Obama campaign question and dissect her record? Yes, who would expect anything else? But after tonight I have little doubt Palin can handle anything thrown at her. Even Senator Joseph Biden.

In case some are put off by the title, “break a leg” is a term used in theater to wish those acting success and good luck before a performance. Some in theater belive wishing good luck to someone before a performance actually brings on bad luck, instead they say break a leg. So I’m wishing our girl all the success and good luck in whooping the Democrats come November. Break a leg Sarah Palin!

September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin could be the Democrats death knell come November

The left wing, long knife wielders are out for Sarah Palin. The kind that any self respecting democrat masquerading as an independent stays away from by throwing canola oil laced arugula on the floor hoping those carrying them slip and bang the back of their head on the floor so hard that they pass out. The knife wielders are neither cagey nor wily but rather uncouth, brutish and don’t mice words. They can be found writing on Internet sites, newspapers and magazines while others host, anchor and comment on one of the many Mainstream Media stations and channels available via cable and over the public airwaves.

The furor started last Friday when presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain picked as his running mate the Governor of the State of Alaska, Sarah Palin. With his 27 or so years in the US Senate not much is secret about John McCain. From having a NAVY Admiral as his father, being a POW in Vietnam, having cheated on his first wife with a heiress to millions who is now his second wife, to easily knowing his position on most issues by taking a glance at his extensive Senate voting record, McCain is an open book. Democrats are attacking his age, his pro-life beliefs, his character, his temper, his judgement, his war record, his finances and even his sanity. Politics is a contact sport and politicians can be felled by one well placed blow such as a sex scandal involving minors or the accumulation of hundreds of little blows over the years including comments, past and present associations, shady purchases, votes cast on controversial subjects, etc. This presidential election, for observers, has been a blast as many long time pundits consider it the most interesting and historic one in their lifetime. Both parties have thrown everything in their traditional arsenal at each other; their respective kitchen sinks tied to a rope so they can be recovered and thrown again and again. Both Obama and McCain are still standing and trying to outmaneuver each other for the win in November with two months to go.

Enter Sarah Palin. No, no, no. Wrong choice of words. McCain threw Sarah Palin into the fray, pouring more fuel over the raging political fire by pitching a curve ball. Romney, Huckabee, Lieberman, Ridge, Hutchinson were all well known names but Palin? Who the heck was Sarah Palin? Lo and behold, the Governor landed on her feet and took off running with her first speech last Saturday. For starters almost no one in the lower 48 states knew much about her until last Saturday and for the first few hours everybody was speculating about who was this new variable and how it would affect the election. At first glance she seemed to be the perfect conservative candidate for this historic election, the first woman ever to be nominated for VP by the GOP. A young woman, compared to McCain, who by the merits of her actions had climbed the political totem pole of Republican Alaska politics. Not a product of affirmative action for white females, she won elections using intellect, force of personality and by opposing the often corrupt practises of the little boy’s network of fellow Republicans who were in office. On the issues she supports the death penalty, is against same sex marriage, favors more energy production including drilling, does not believe Global Warming is caused by man, opposes the econut’s agenda and even though Alaska depends on Big Oil for most of its revenue she has never been in the pocket of Big Oil.

It got even better. She likes to play basketball, hunts, goes ice fishing, is a member of the NRA, flies her own floatplane and her favorite dish is Moose stew. An honest to God good as apple pie mother with 5 kids named Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig she is married to a four time World Champion snowmobile racer who besides being known as the First Gentleman of Alaska also goes by the moniquer First Dude. Her nickname is Sarah barracuda. After hearing this republicans and conservatives in America’s Heartland were jumping up and down in amazement and joy. After so many years of elite Washington insider picks and feeling like outsiders in the party they love the GOP had finally tapped one of their own. Pro-life, Palin knew by her second month of pregnancy that her last child, Trig, had Down Syndrome. Instead of taking the easy way out by having an abortion she and her husband decided to have the boy. Her oldest son Track enlisted in the Army last year and will be leaving for the Middle East in a couple weeks. As is the case in many families her oldest daughter, Bristol, is pregnant but instead of having an abortion she will marry the father and have the baby.

On the downside Palin might have an albatross around her neck: she is under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power. Some say she tried to get her brother-in-law fired from his job as a State Trooperbecause her sister is going through a difficult and messy divorce with him. When his supervisor did not fire her brother-in-law, Palin fired the supervisor. She admits to no wrongdoing, the case is under investigation and she was so confident in her innocence that the Attorney General of Alaska was invited to poke around what libs are now calling Trooper Gate.

Democrats and their supporters started the personal attacks against Sarah Palin Friday morning, a minute or two after the McCain campaign made the announcement. The Drive By Media started if off by saying that the only reason she had been picked was because she was a woman and McCain thought that by choosing her she would help get the Hillary women’s vote. Others questioned her age and inexperience saying that by picking her McCain had blunted one of his biggest weapons against Democrats: Obama’s inexperience. Someone pointed out that she had been the Mayor of Wasilla a town with less than 7,000 residents and that Alaska only has around 606,000 people living on it so, the question arose, how much executive experience did Palin really have? Another one pointed out she only had a BS in journalism and a minor in political science, no master or doctorate from a prestigious college so how good was her education? As a former beauty queen and TV sports reporter some questioned her intelligence. A bit later questions surfaced asking that if she had a baby with Down Syndrome, Trig, how was she going to be able to take care of his special needs with the hectic life of a candidate? Would her special need baby get in the way if she became VP? Trying to discredit Palin other libs started saying that her son Trig was really the son of her daughter Bristol and that Palin had made up the farce to protect the honor of her teenage daughter. After it became known that Bristol is currently 5 months pregnant libs then began questioning whether Palin had been a good mother to her daughter and tried to blame the pregnancy on her. The litany of Palin’s failings, according to liberals, democrats and progressives goes on and on and on.

The Mainstream News Media (MNM) is very interested in vetting presumptive VP nominee Palin themselves, using their formidable resources to dig deep into her past. Interestingly enough they did not take the same step with presidential nominee Barak Obama from whom they accepted his word as gospel. In Obama’s case it has been bloggers, talk radio and cable news that has dug into his past and when something really nasty comes up like a Jeremiah Wright or a William Ayers the Mainstream News Media usually tries to cover it up. As an example of the MNM’s kid glove treatment of democrats a prominet democrat comes to mind: John Edwards. Yup, the same ex-Governor and ex-Presidential Candiate Edwards that cheated on his cancer stricken wife with a documentary producer. The MNM took a year to report the story, investing very little resources in finding out if it was true or not and then had to be shamed into doing so after everyone began asking why were they protecting Edwards. If the MNM keeps on attacking Palin 24/7 there could be a backlash, just as there is one against Obama because too many Americans are tired of hearing about him.

Today is Tuesday and the attacks still rage on. But by now most serious liberals, democrats and progressives are all backpedalling as fast as they can, some even using nuclear power to backpedal faster, trying to take back some of the things they said or wrote about Palin. Its the loony-left, Kool-Aid drinking long knife wielding partisan that still attacks Palin. Even Obama was forced off message after being constantly hounded to respond to allegations that his surrogates and liberal websites were questioning whether Palin was a good mother to her daughter Bristol. Finally Obama had to clarify a few times yesturday that a candidate’s family was off limits, specially children and that his people were not behind the attacks. Pundits have pointed out that Palin might be as inexperienced as Obama but not to lose sight of the big picture: McCain is running against Obama, not Palin. Conservatives remind people that as Governor of Alaska Palin was also in charge of the state’s finances. Obama wants to levy a tax on Big Oil so that every middle class American gets a $ 1,000 check; Palin raised taxes on Big Oil in 2007 and this year every Alaskan will get a $ 1,300 check. Some uber feminists are defending Palin as a fellow femenist under siege and resent all the anti-woman, bimbette, anchorette, mysogynistic flak she has received and are calling those attacks sexist. Hillary Clinton comes to mind and the savage gender bias she endured for being a white woman running against a black man. Groups fighting for the rights of special need children are outraged that her son Trig is being used to put her down. College students are saying, leave Bristol alone; teenage pregnancies are common in today’s society. And yes, even some registered Democrat women have come out saying they will vote for Palin, just because she is a woman.

In my opinion McCain picked a winner in Sarah Palin. An attractive alternative to Obama, even if they are not vying for the same job.

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