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October 19, 2008

Terrorist keynote speaker at University of Nebraska, not!

William Ayers, the Barack Obama supporter and unrepentant American terrorist, had been invited by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) to give the keynote address next November 15th during part of the college’s two day 100th anniversary celebrations. His 9:00am speech would have been titled “We Are Each Other’s Keepers: Research to Change The World”. A bit much chutzpah coming from a founder of the 1960’s American terrorist organization the Weather Underground, don’t you think? Some people got mad as hell and began asking that if UNL wanted a prominent negative figure couldn’t they have booked the likes of Ward Churchill or O. J. Simpson instead? Why not ratchet up the ante and invite Osama bin Laden or the very first radical, according to Saul Alinski, Lucifer?

This week when Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh spread the word that Ayers was coming to town the uproar began in earnest. Some politically correct faculty members, college groups and regents tried to defend the decision to invite Ayers but after a couple of days of unrelenting and mounting pressure the Ayers visit was cancelled. Safety concerns was the reason given. I suspect UNL is trying to save face but threats by current and past alumni to withhold donations, a possible backlash for the Obama campaign not to mention political pressure from Governor Dave Heineman and Senator Ben Nelson among others were the real cause of the invitation being rescinded.

Liberals are in shock that they couldn’t get away with the Ayers visit and are asking themselves what the world is coming to when an unrepentant homegrown left-wing terrorist cannot give a speech to mostly conservative reared college students. They rationalise the invitation as giving those conservative reared students the opportunity of hearing a novel and opposing point of view because that is what colleges are supposed to do, challenge young minds. I beg to differ, a 1960’s unrepentant American terrorist has no business giving speeches at American college campuses much less teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A final thought: Since UNL is a liberal paradise can you imagine the reception our gal Sarah Palin would receive if she gave a speech there? Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey would have a blast with all the material they would have to choose from for that Saturday’s show.


October 7, 2008

Video of SNL skit bashing democrats for financial meltdown

Did you watch all of Saturday Night Live last weekend? If you tuned off after the Sarah Palin / Joe Biden debate skit you missed seeing, in my opinion, some very interesting political satire. The following link takes you to an almost picture perfect satire of a skit about the role the White House, democrats in the House, their enablers, greedy speculators, and the “victims” of the meltdown play/played in the financial crisis. It has been yanked from many places because it ruffled a lot of democrat, liberal and progressive feathers but hopefully it will still be available at

The skit makes fun of a clueless President Bush, a mean to republicans Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a hard to understand when he speaks Chairman of the Financial Services Committee Barney Frank, a haughty multibillionaire George Soros, and two gleeful liberals Herbert and Marion Sandler who sold their mortgage business to Wachovia Bank for about $ 24 billion before the meltdown. The only currently hot political topic missing is a reference to the ethically wrong homosexual 1990’s relationship between then Representative Barney Frank and Herb Moses, an executive at Fannie Mae.

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