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December 9, 2008

Polish econuts: beavers log illegally

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Some Polish econuts walking along a nature reserve in northern Poland, no this is not a Polish joke, thought they had scored an environmentalists wet dream of a coup. They found what they established were trees with their trunks partially chopped or notched ready to be felled and some 20 neatly stacked tree trunks. In other words an illegal logging site. Being brainwashed and rabid econuts they naturally assumed the worst and without doing any further investigating rolled, hopped, ran or slithered to a police station where a report was filed hoping to expose the bad guys.

Duty bound by the always present threat of a public relations black eye by a militant liberal press if they did not investigate a crime against the environment, the Subkowy police showed up where the econuts declared nature had been defaced and yes they confirmed the econuts had found something. But not being lazy or educated beyond their intelligence, followed a trail created by something or someone that had dragged a tree trunk away.  At the end of the trail many other trees and the culprits were found.

What did they find? A portable illegal saw mill? No. A truck full of illegally felled trees guarded by sweaty, musky smelling loggers cruising for econuts? No but the econuts could always dream. Perhaps a bunch of crazed and deranged stock brokers chopping down trees because they had been fired and could no longer afford to buy arrugula or fetta cheese? Not even close.

Picture a beaver dam. Beavers were to blame. Police reaction to econuts who had wasted their time: you are stupid. There is nothing more natural than a beaver. No word on what the econut response was. They probably told the police to go out and shoot some cows because the methane they fart contributes to global warming.


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